8 Easy Ways To Include Fiber In Your Diet

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To keep your weight under control, you need to know what to include in your day to day diet plan.

Dietary fibre becomes very important as your body start ageing. The metabolic rate of the body starts reducing as we age and we tend to put on weight but consuming fibre-rich food stuff can take care of this issue.

Roughage helps in pushing out all the problem-causing foods out of the body and prevents health problems (heart diseases and diabetes). If you want to know few fibre-rich foods then click here.

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If you stick to fibre-rich foods, there are less chances of constipation and gastric problems. Most people aren't very much aware of the usage of dietary fibre.

You can easily be mislead by advertisements of food products that boast of ingredients that help in weight loss. Do not be fooled by them. Instead go for natural fibre-rich foods that will keep you healthy and help in weight reduction. Apart from weight loss, fibre rich foods also help fight constipation.

Here Are 8 Easy Ways To Include Fibre In Your Diet.


1. Sweet Corn:

Always prepare snacks using sweet corn as it contains a lot of protein and fibre. You can also add it to your soup.


2. Fibre-Rich Cereals:

Avoid maida breads (white bread). Instead, go for fibre-rich cereals, wholegrain biscuits and malts.


3. Increase Intake Of Vegetables:

Reduce the intake of meat and increase the intake of vegetables in your diet. The more vegetables you include in your daily diet, the more healthy and slim you become.


4. Include Nuts:

For your snacks you could munch on fibre-rich foods like nuts, dried figs and apricots.


5. Increase Intake Of Fruits:

Fruits like apples, pears and banana are rich in fibre content and hence these fruits should be consumed every day.


6. Include Legumes:

Beans, peas and lentils are a few of the best legumes that are rich in fibre content. Make it a point to add these to your daily diet.


7. Seeds:

Seeds like flax seeds and chia seeds are rich in fibre content. Make it a point to consume a teaspoonful of this on a regular basis to increase your fibre intake.


8. Sprouts:

Sprouts prepared using grams or peas are one of the best sources of fibre. Including sprouts in your daily diet helps.

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