Chillies Can Help You With Weight Loss?

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Although chillies or chilli pepper have been branded as bad foods they do have some magic to play when it comes to weight loss. Chillies are highly used and cultivated in Asian countries.

There are many chilli varieties and are hot only used for culinary preparation but also in many ayurvedic and home medicines. Today, we discuss more on chilli varieties, weight loss as well as benefits. Take a look.

chilli benefits

Chilli Varieties And Weight Loss:

It will be unbelievable for you to know that people in India cannot relish food without chillies. Although it causes burning in stomach, it also burns fat in the body and maintains slim figure. Andhra style or chettinad Indian recipes are extremely spicy and red hot. Also if you want to know more facts on chillies then check here.

chilli benefits

How Can Chillies Aid In Weight Loss?

When a chilli is had, the face turns red and people sweat as a chemical called capsaicin (found in paprika, cayenne) converts some amount of food into heat. This is called diet induced thermogenesis.

This diet is useful for the obese as the food they eat is getting burnt immediately without getting stored.
Chillies generally uses carbohydrates so we tend feel more heat when we have spicy rice or pasta. The best carb burner. More health benefits of chillies are here, click here.

Other Benefits:

chilli benefits

1. Reduces Appetite:

Chillies reduce appetite so the urge of eating all through the day is reduced.

chilli benefits

2. Speed Up Metabolism:

The spicy vegetables speed up the metabolism rate and quicken digestion.

chilli benefits

3. Low In Fats:

The general idea of foodies is that the spicy the food the fatty it is which may not be true so in case of chillies. Chillies are actually low in fats.

chilli benefits

4. Helps To Cut Down High Calorie Foods:

It even helps to cut down the urge of eating oily or high calorie foods. Those who love spicy food will hardly like sweet dishes hence 50% of the fat is reduced with this only.

With chillies, ginger, coffee and cola drinks speed up the fat burning process even more. But this doesn't mean that you can eat as many chillies as you want to get slim, ask your dietician or nutritional expert about how much chilllies to use and the best ways to consume them.

(Our suggestion: Remove the seeds in the chillies if you like to use them or eat them raw)

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