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4 Healthy Ways To Cook Eggs!

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Healthy Ways Cook Eggs
Eggs are filled with nutrition and is a staple breakfast food to start the day. Apart from protecting the body from diseases such as strokes, building body muscles, eggs also keeps you active and burns body fat. There are several ways to cook an egg and the recipes can be experimented within the kitchen for different tastes. The healthy ways to cook and eat eggs are boiling, poaching, scrambling and baking. Although eggs are an excellent source of proteins, the yolk has bad cholesterol (LDL) which can be harmful for the body. To absorb the nutrients and proteins of an egg in the best way, use these healthy methods to cook and eat them. Here are the most common yet healthy ways to cook eggs.

Healthy ways to cook eggs:

Boil: Boiled eggs can be really healthy for the body. A boiled egg contains 6.29g of protein, 4g of fat, 1.55g saturated fat apart from magnesium, sodium, calcium, ribflavin, iron, thiamin, phosphorous and zinc. These proteins improves eye sight, immune system, memory, blood circulation etc. Boiled egg also helps lose weight as it burns calories and fat from the body. You can even make boiled egg salad by topping some low fat cheese or mayonnaise and team up with whole grain bread.

Poach: This is another healthy way to cook eggs. In this method, you remove the egg shell and yolk and carefully pour in in hot water. The egg is left for 5 minutes to cook and then the layer is gently removed from the water. This is a healthy way to eat eggs because the Vitamin B in eggs protect th heart from cardiovascular diseases. Poached eggs are also effective food to lose weight. You can serve poached egg by garnishing with chopped onions or tomatoes and low fat grated cheese.

Scramble: It is one of the tastiest way to cook egg and keep it healthy for the body. Scrambled eggs have proteins, minerals such as phosphorous, zinc, vitamin B, E etc. To retain the proteins and nutrients of eggs, cook them in vegetable oil instead of cooking butter. For athletes and body builders, scrambled egg is a healthy way to eat eggs and enjoy its nutritional benefits.

Omelette: Bread with omelette is the most favourite breakfast food for many people. It is tasty, filling and healthy way to eat eggs! Have omelette with herbs such as basil and spices such as black pepper. You can even make omelette with low fat cheese and enjoy with a whole wheat bread toast.

These are the healthy ways to eat eggs and enjoy the taste of it!

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 13:33 [IST]
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