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    8 Surprising Factors That Can Cause Heart Diseases!

    Are you someone who wants to remain hale and healthy for a longer time? Well, all living beings come with a survival instinct, which makes them aim for longevity.

    We also know that, life is fragile and unpredictable, as people's lives can be taken instantly, due to accidents, diseases, etc. So, many of us may feel like there is nothing much we can do, as the span of our lives is not under our control.

    causes of heart diseases

    While that may be a fact, there are a few things a person can do, which can help keep up his/her good health for a longer period of time. With good mental and physiological health, longevity comes automatically!

    So, one must always aim to keep improving and maintain their health, by gaining awareness about their own bodies and things that can cause diseases.

    Now, we know that the heart is one of the most important organs of the body, which is responsible for pumping healthy supply of blood to all the other parts of the body.

    Heart diseases are very common today and are one of the highest causes of death. So, have a look at some of the surprising factors that can heart diseases.

    1. Pre-mature Puberty

    Normally, girls attain puberty between the ages of 12-16. Puberty is a natural process in which a girl's reproductive organs start to develop and she gets her period once a month. However, in some cases, girls attain puberty abnormally early, that is, before the age of 12, which could indicate the presence of high oestrogen levels in the blood, which in turn could cause blood clots in the arteries, leading to heart problems, later on in life.

    2. Diet Pills

    Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is a must for anyone who wants to look fit and avoid a number of deadly diseases. Many people take the easy way out to lose weight and opt for diet pills, instead of following a healthy diet and exercise routine, which promises to help shed pounds. However, most diet pills can also block the arteries and weaken the heart muscles, causing heart diseases.

    3. You Have A Recurrent Flu

    Flu is a viral condition in which a person is affected by a number of symptoms such as cold, cough, throat infection, fever, body pain, etc. If a person's immunity is very low and he/she is experiencing persistent flu, then the risk of developing heart diseases would be higher, as the virus can get into the heart canals and remain there, weakening the tissues.

    4. Loneliness

    Yes, this factor may sound clichéd and untrue, however, a number of studies have indicated that people who feel like they are lonely and isolated, are more stressed in general. They can also go into depression, affecting their brain chemicals. When that happens, the combination of stress and depression combined can increase the blood pressure, causing a number of heart diseases. In fact, statistics have shown that, loneliness and depression can increase the risk of heart diseases by 30%!

    5. Drinking Regularly

    If you are someone who loves to drink alcohol on a fairly regular basis, even it is just a glass of wine or beer every day along with a meal, it can still increase the risk of heart diseases by hardening your arteries and upping cholesterol levels. In addition, drinking alcohol on a regular basis can also lead to addiction and liver diseases.

    6. Child Abuse

    Experts have noted that, the risk of heart diseases are more common in victims of child abuse, as child abuse is a traumatic event in the past which can sometimes permanently damage the psyche of a person, leading to a number of mental health issues. Mental diseases are directly linked to heart diseases in most cases.

    7. ADHD Treatment

    If a person is being treated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which is a mental disease in which a person has a very short attention span, lack of concentration and focus, aggression, etc., it is also a factor which can cause heart diseases. The medications given to treat this disease can increase the blood pressure and heart rate, eventually leading to a number of heart diseases.

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    8. Vitamin D Deficiency

    As we may already know, the human body requires all the essential nutrients such as vitamins, protein, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, etc., to remain healthy. There are a number of types of vitamins; and vitamin D is also an important nutrient. Deficiency of vitamin D is known to cause heart diseases in a number of people.

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    Story first published: Friday, April 27, 2018, 12:30 [IST]
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