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World Arthritis Day: How To Prevent Arthritis In Young Adults

By Sripriya Satish

Arthritis is the breakdown of cartilage in the joints that causes severe pain and swelling in that area.

This type of dysfunction in the joints is most common amongst old people and it is a common sight for the elderly people to walk around with walking sticks.

But in this modern era, even the young adults are more prone to arthritis in the later stages of their lives which may be because of their lazy and a not so healthy lifestyle.

arthritis prevention

Food habit is yet another factor that contributes to the increasing number of arthritis cases.

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But not to worry! If proper steps are taken early in life this disease can be easily averted. This article deals with the pointers that can be followed by young adults to prevent arthritis.


Weight Management:

Obesity is closely linked with arthritis. This is because increased weight puts more stress on the joints. When the joints have to deal with more weight it becomes more susceptible to wear and tear and thus leads to arthritis. Thus young adults should strive hard to shed those pesky extra pounds to avert the early onset of arthritis.


Avoid Processed Foods:

In this fast paced world, young adults mostly dwell on eating processed foods like chips, cookies and other readily available snacks to fill up their tummies. Though these readymade snacks are tasty, they are very unhealthy and in the long run, may lead to arthritis. Let us point out how!

Processed foods are rich in saturated fat which is highly linked to inflammation in the joints. Try to replace the junk foods with fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid this irreversible disease. Also, the high levels of sodium found in processed canned foods may also be the culprit in increasing the inflammation in the joints.


Artificial Sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners can also aggravate arthritis by causing the immune system to trigger inflammation in the joints. So, if you suspect joint pain due to artificial sweeteners try eliminating them from your diet.

Some of the most common artificial sweeteners that can be dangerous to the joints are aspartame, acesulfame-K and saccharin. Make a careful note as not to purchase the foods with their ingredients being artificial sweeteners.


Low Impact Exercises A Must:

Exercises are a must for everyone, including young adults with arthritis. In fact, low impact exercises should be done regularly by these people. Some of the examples of low impact exercises include walking, cycling and certain aerobic exercises.

These exercises are very gentle on the joints and maintain their flexibility. Also, these kinds of exercises maintain the full range of motion of the joints and strengthen the muscles supporting them, thus helping in shock absorption.


Having Enough Of Vitamin D:

Deficiency of vitamin D and poor joint health are closely interrelated. Vitamin D deficiency may result in inflammation, thus leading to arthritis. Having enough of vitamin D should be ensured to avert arthritis. Vitamin D can be hard to be found in the diet we eat.

Try having a frequent sunshine bath as exposure to sunshine is a sure way to avert vitamin D deficiency thus improving the joint health. Also, consider taking vitamin D supplements in consultation with a medical physician.


Stay Hydrated:

Staying hydrated is very important for a fine joint health. Let us see why! Drinking enough water helps to keep the joints in a very healthy state.

Consider the moving joints like a sponge which absorb water. If you can imagine the joints in this way then you can understand the flexibility in the motion of two wet joints than the movement of two hard, dry joints.

In short, water helps in maintaining the adequate blood volume in the joints so that they get sufficient nutrient supply. Also keeping oneself hydrated can flush out the toxins from the joints.

To conclude, youngsters can follow these tips mentioned above to safeguard themselves from arthritis at a very early stage and maintain a fine joint health.

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