Smoothies That Help In Healing These Diseases

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We all know that smoothies are in vogue right now. Fruit smoothies to vegetable smoothies to green smoothies: all these have become a part and parcel of many people's lives who want to stay healthy and disease free.

Today in this article we shall discuss certain smoothies that are very good at healing our bodies. Read on to know more.

smoothies for healing diseases

#1. Smoothie To Control Blood Pressure:
The first healing smoothie that we are going to discuss is the one that provides an overall healing to our body. This smoothie prevents cancer, keeps your blood pressure under control and prevents memory loss, thus providing a boost to your health.

Take two cups of frozen berries, half a cup of coconut water, half a cup of grapes, one cup of water, half a teaspoonful each of grated ginger, orange zest and cinnamon powder and blend it into a smoothie. Now drink this to your health.

smoothies for healing diseases

#2. Smoothie For Tired Muscles:
The next smoothie helps to provide energy to your tired muscles and helps to relax them. Take two cups of coconut water, one cup of spinach, three bananas, one teaspoonful of chia seeds, ten almonds and one fourth teaspoonful of ground cinnamon. Blend these together and have this smoothie to get strong and energized muscles.

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smoothies for healing diseases

#3. Smoothie For Strong Teeth:
This smoothie that we are going to talk about now is great in healing your bones, teeth and gums as it is rich in vitamin K. Take three cups of grapes, one bunch of parsley leaves, one avocado, two teaspoonfuls of grated ginger and a cup of water and blend these into a smoothie. This will definitely go a long way in protecting your bones.

smoothies for healing diseases

#4. Smoothie For Arthritis:
The next smoothie that we are going go talk about is great in soothing painful joints. People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis should consume this smoothie on a regular basis to get relief as it contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties.

Take one cup each of mango, pineapple, coconut water, plain water and peaches and add half a teaspoonful of turmeric powder to it. Blend it and have it regularly to get relief from joint pain.

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