What Causes Knee Injuries And Knee Pain?

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We fold them, kneel on them, run along with and jump on with their help on a daily basis; however, few people give them a second thought. We are talking about our knees, one of the least thought about parts of our body.

It is only when we feel pain in our knees or are not able to walk or run properly because there is something wrong with our knees, do we start paying attention to them.

what causes knee pain

Essentially, the knee consists of the thighbone, that is, a bottom end composed of two round knobs, sitting on the comparatively flat top end of the shinbone. Unlike the more secure hip joint, which is really a ball in a greatly cushioned pocket, the knee joint is much more exposed and much more susceptible.

Since women have broader hips, the upper leg bone of the female enters the knee in a greater angle, which winds the knee. This makes women more susceptible to certain types of kneecap injuries, like chondromalacia, as well as issues with the anterior cruciate ligament.

what causes knee pain

If the big muscles in the thigh are inflexible due to disuse or not properly extended before exercise or if these muscles are overused, they could cause irritation of the knee tendons, or jumper knee. Muscle imbalances, wherein one group of muscles is more powerful than another and pulls harder, may cause knee problems, too.

While knee problems may result from accidents like falls, car accidents and athletic injuries or illnesses like arthritis, the majority of knee issues are caused from overstressing the knee while running, climbing or repetitive, high impact exercises.

what causes knee pain

Poorly conditioned leg muscles also stress the knees.

In case your knee issues are the consequence of overuse, not enough use or incorrect training as opposed to injury, you need to follow certain methods and home made remedies to improve and preserve the health of your knees and, if you do develop pain, to help relieve the hurt and speed healing.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 11, 2016, 4:00 [IST]
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