10 Things That Make You Bloated

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A bloated tummy is an utter hindrance. The uncomfortable feeling and the heaviness is something that no one likes and appreciates.

Getting rid of a bloated tummy is not easy, especially when the tummy gets hard like a stone. To avoid getting a bloated tummy, it is best to stay off those foods and habits that cause this menace. It is said that there are a handful of foods that make the intestines bloat with gas.

These nasty foods, when consumed, should be accompanied with a lot of water, since the latter helps to blend with the intestinal juices, thus aiding in a better digestion process with no bloating.

Apart from gassy foods, experts also state that there are certain habits that can lead to a bloated tummy. Wearing a pair of tight denims, tight tops that hug the waist and the abdomen, and not drinking sufficient amount of water can lead to a bloated stomach.

Experts also state that if you choose to ignore certain basic exercises for the body, it will not only make you lazy, but will also lead to slower digestion, which means more stomach-related issues.

So, pay attention to the habits you follow on a day-to-day basis and avoid following or adding these things that are listed, which can make you feel bloated:



One of the reasons not to eat too much of apples is only because of its rich fibre content. Apples, along with pears, have a lot of fibre, which are way too heavy for a sensitive tummy. Eating less quantities of these two fruits can be a healthier choice.



Alcohol is not an option to turn too when you want to quench your thirst. Consuming too much of alcohol can cause you to retain water, making you feel more puffy and bloated.



Corn is one of the many best fruits to consume when you feel hungry. However, corn has certain carbs that lead to GI bacteria fermentation and trapped air and gas, which therefore leads to bloating.


Diet Soda:

Don't, for once, think that diet soda is good for you. It not only fills the tummy with gas, but drinking too much of it can also lead to other complications like diabetes and high blood pressure, and not to forget weight gain too!


Green Vegetables:

Spinach, kale and other green veggies are superfoods that are healthy to consume. But, did you know that these green leafy veggies can make the tummy feel bloated up. Yes, most of the foods have raffinose and fructan content that can lead to intestinal gas causing flatulence.



Onions are the best vegetables to add to any dish, since they make the meal taste a lot better. However, onions have a great source of fructans, a class of oligosaccharides, or complex sugars that allow the tummy to build up on gas, thus causing you to feel bloated and heavy.


Dry Fruits:

If you are suffering from fructose malabsorption, binging on dry fruits is not a treat to follow. Dried fruits, when eaten in excess, can also make you feel hyperactive and, at the same time, gassy and uncomfortable. Therefore, go easy on the quantity and enjoy it to a minimum.



Not only are mushrooms rich in protein, they also have a high amount of fibre content, which tends to make the tummy bloat. They also contain polyols and sugar alcohols that are too large and difficult for the small intestine to digest.


Dairy Products:

Yes, dairy products are extremely beneficial for the health, but consuming too much of dairy is also not good for one's health. Dairy products contain lactose, a natural sugar that is found in dairy. This lactose is malabsorbed in the small intestine, it then travels to the large intestine, where it gets fermented by the gut bacteria causing the tummy to bloat.



Didn't the old folks tell you to lay off lentils like moong and channa? The only reason for this is because these two foods contain oligosaccharides, a class of indigestible sugars that can cause bloating and gas. Therefore, it is advisable to ignore these foods that make you feel bloated up with gas troubles.

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Story first published: Monday, February 8, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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