Quick Steps To Eliminate Bad Breath

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There is nothing embarrassing than having a bad breathe. We all have faced this embarrassing at some given point. It can happen due to the extra onion that you had in your meal or due to bad oral hygiene, plaque on your teeth, cavities, or even dehydration.

We often think that we are not having a bad breathe, but unfortunately, we can't smell our own breath easily, so it makes it difficult to realise that we are actually stinking! A beautiful face with a stinky mouth is so not pleasing!

To control this stinky moment you can try some simple home remedies or make a change in your lifestyle. Luckily this situation can be controlled and you need not have to be embarrassed in front of others.

In this article today, we are here to share some of the quick steps that you can try to avoid bad breathe. Read on to know about the tricks to eliminate bad breathe.


Visit Your Dentist

One of the reasons for bad breath can be due to cavities or by gum disease, so the sooner you get a check-up, the better. Researches reveal that bad breath can also sometimes be caused by internal medical problems and your dentists will be able to advise.


Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day

A good oral hygiene is often the simplest answer to bad breath problems. Brush twice a day to avoid bad breathe. If your bad breath persists, then try brushing with baking soda. That will reduce the acidity in your mouth and make it harder for bacteria to grow.


Drink More Water

If you are dehydrated, then there are chances of having a bad breath. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush away food particles that may have got trapped between your teeth and the bacteria that causes bad breath, so drink at least eight glasses of water a day so that you keep yourself properly hydrated.


Brush Your Tongue

Brushing does not mean that you have to brush only your teeth. The tongue also does need some special attention. The bacteria generally breeds on your tongue and that might be what is causing your and breath.


Chew Gum

Chew some sugar free gum to stimulate the production of saliva. This helps to flush the bacteria away and it also helps to dislodge any food particles.


Eat Parsley

Parsley is a good source of chlorophyll and is considered as one of the best natural breath freshener. So make sure you have some parsley after having your meal.


Drink Tea

Tea contains antibacterial ingredients that help to kill the microbes that cause bad breath. It also has polyphenols that neutralise the sulphur compounds in your mouth.



Last but not the least, you need to floss regularly to remove traces of food that is stuck in between your teeth. Flossing regularly is an important part of oral hygiene as it avoids developing gum disease as well.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 10, 2016, 18:01 [IST]
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