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Get Rid Of Shoulder Pain With These Exercises

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Shoulder pain is a difficult condition that may affect your day-to-day activities. There are effective exercises that can alleviate shoulder pain. But, many people hesitate to try these exercises, thinking that it will worsen the pain.

Shoulder joint is supported by muscles, ligaments and tendons. Any inflammation in these joints or any damage in the cartilage can cause pain and stiffness.

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The intensity of the pain varies depending on the cause. In most cases, shoulder pain does not occur due to serious problems.

It can be due to a wrong posture, sparing shoulders for heavy exercises or heavy weight lifting. With some simple exercises, you can manage it.

It is always recommended to get the advice of an experienced and expert physical trainer before trying shoulder exercises. They can help you to select the best set of exercises that can resolve the problem.

Here, we will discuss some simple shoulder exercises that can relieve your shoulder pain to a great extent. Instead of going for painkillers, try these best exercises for shoulder pain.

exercises for shoulder pain

Doorway Stretch
This is a simple exercise that you can do at your door step. Spread your arms to both sides while standing in an open doorway. Keep your hands at or below the shoulder height.

Lean forward and stretch your body and arms, putting weight on your toes. This is one of the most effective exercises for shoulder pain.

Pendulum Exercise
Hold on to a chair firmly with your good hand. Make sure that the chair will not move. Now, hang the hand with painful shoulder downwards.

Rotate this hand in a circular motion, in a clockwise direction first. After a few rounds, shift to an anti-clockwise direction. This is one of the best exercises for shoulder pain that you can follow to relax your stiff shoulder muscles.

Side-lying External Rotation
Lie down on your side and keep the painful shoulder upwards. Keep your head up by supporting with one hand.

Hold a dumbbell, bend the elbow to 90 degrees and raise your hand towards the ceiling. After a few seconds, return to the start position and relax your hand on your side.

exercises for shoulder pain

Resistance Band
Tie a resistant band to a strong support at shoulder height. Press one knee to the ground. Keep the knee opposite to the painful shoulder on the floor. Hold on to the band and pull it towards your body. Move your shoulder blades together while keeping your body firm. This is one of the simplest and best exercises for shoulder pain.

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Reverse Fly
Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend forward at the waist by bending your knees slightly. Take light-weight dumbbells in both hands and move your hands away from the body.

Move the shoulder blades together and then take the hands back to the normal position. Repeat the steps 10 times.

Lawnmower Pull
This exercise can be done with the help of a resistance band. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep the band under the foot opposite to the shoulder that has pain.

Hold the end of the band with the hand that has painful shoulders. Keep the other hand on the hip. Now, pull the band towards you diagonally. Repeat this for 10 times.

Try these best exercises for shoulder pain and stay healthy.

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