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Essential Nutrients For Women During Menopause

By: Ajanta Sen
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Women encounter menopause at an average age of about 50 years. However, many women can experience it in their 40s as well.

Menopause is defined as a phase when a woman doesn't have any menstrual cycle for a complete year. The symptoms of menopause can be experienced for a couple of months or years after you've had your last menstrual period.

The symptoms that are experienced during menopause happen mainly because of the reduction in the production of progesterone and oestrogen hormones, which are the main female sex hormones.

The changes in the hormones cause a myriad of symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, depression, irritability, vaginal dryness, urinary tract infection, etc.

There are various treatments available to cope with the menopausal symptoms. Hormone therapy, lifestyle changes, dietary changes and acupuncture are some of the ways to help in dealing with the menopausal symptoms.

However, in many cases, by adding some essential vitamins and minerals to your daily diet can also be quite effective. The article puts emphasis on vitamins and minerals that are essential for menopausal women, have a look:


Vitamin C

During menopause, a majority of women suffer from vaginal dryness. In order to put a stop to vaginal dryness, vitamin C is one of the 10 nutrients that is essential for menopausal women. Vitamin C also reduces hot flashes and boosts the skin's health.


Vitamin B3

This vitamin helps to fight insomnia and improves your sleep quality, so that you can have a sound sleep throughout the night. The other name for it is "niacin".


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one among the 10 nutrients that is essential for menopausal women. It helps to improve your bone health and also helps to prevent weight gain at the time of menopause.



Potassium supplement is very essential to prevent potassium deficiencies in menopausal women.
Hence, menopausal women are advised to include potassium-rich foods in their diet.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the 10 nutrients that is essential for menopausal women. Vitamin E helps women to deal with the hot flashes that take place during menopause. Although changes can be noticed only after 5-6 weeks, it helps to relieve the discomfort in majority of the cases.



Another one of the most important nutrients that are essential for menopausal women is magnesium. Magnesium not only boosts your bone health, but it also helps to relieve the hot flashes that occur during menopause.



Osteoporosis is a very common problem among menopausal women. Throughout the menopause and even after that phase, women need calcium in order to prevent osteoporosis.


Vitamin B6

This is another one of the most important nutrients that are essential for menopausal women. Vitamin B6 can help to enhance the function of your nervous system and can serve as a natural treatment for menopause. The doses of vitamin B6 should not be taken more than 300 mg daily, otherwise it can cause nerve damage in the body.



In order to lessen the menopausal symptoms, just one multi-vitamin is enough to be consumed daily. These multi-vitamins normally contain enough supplies of primary vitamins that are required to lessen the menopausal symptoms.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are not only good for a healthy heart, but can also be quite helpful in maintaining a proper hormonal balance at the time of menopause.

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Story first published: Friday, March 4, 2016, 1:02 [IST]
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