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8 Signs That Your Body Is Under High Stress

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If you are alive, you are under a lot of stress. This is one of the worst killers that can affect your entire being, and getting rid of it at the earliest is the best you can do to ward off other health complications.

When one is under a lot of stress, it plays havoc with the internal being. Stress can lead to a heart attack, it can affect your digestive system and it can also make you infertile!

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Yes, stress is those killers that can literally kill. The best way to get rid of stress and to prevent it, all you need to do is to work under normal conditions.

Don't take things to your head, and forget about all those negative people in your life. Staying away from things that tire you down will affect you both mentally and physically.

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Therefore, today, we have a list of signs to show how your body gets affected under high amounts of stress. If you take a look at these signs, you will be aware not to get yourself into too much of trouble.

So, what are you waiting for? Here are some of the signs that let you know stress is getting to you, beware:


You Cannot Conceive:

Trying to get pregnant, but unable to? Well, if you have passed the test of being physically fit, probably it could be due to high amount of stress that you are under.


Suffering From Irregular Menses:

Irregular periods too are one of the signs which show that you could be highly affected by stress. Also, notice your habits and your mood swings at the time of your menstrual date.


Acne Is Ruining Your Look:

Those little specks of acne can make one's life miserable. If you've noticed a sudden burst of acne over your body, it could be an allergy or it can be due to stress. This silent killer also affects the quality of your skin, so make sure you care for your health.


Chest Pain Makes An Appearance:

Chest pain is one thing that should not be ignored. If you've been suffering from an on-and-off chest pain in the recent past, check your level of stress and do everything to try and reduce it.


Can't Seem To Control Your BP?:

Your BP levels should be controlled; and if it exceeds, you can die with a stroke or a heart attack. Keep a track of your BP count and allow it to stay regulated when you are under high levels of stress.


Rapid Breathing & Taking Control:

Rapid breathing accompanied with chest pain is something to be worried about. If you are recently facing a difficulty in breathing, take a moment to relax yourself and reduce the levels of stress.


Fighting To Keep Your Eyelids Closed:

Don't you wish to sleep like a baby? Well, if you are having trouble closing those heavy eyelids, it is probably due to stress that your body is undergoing.


Does That Headache Tire You Down?:

Headaches are usually one of the noticeable signs that your body is under a high amount of stress. Constant headaches need to be dealt with by medication and home remedies.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 28, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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