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10 Ways To Beat Stress At Work Place

By: Niharika Choudhary
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According to a survey, Stress Management has become a thriving business today with a market value of around $1.2 billion.

There are 'Spiritual Gurus', Motivators and Stress Management Experts who help you combat your stressful lives.

A number of business houses have Stress Management Programmes for different strata of people at different course fees and duration. Freelance or Individual Stress Management Experts are also working full-time in easing out people's lives.

I guess, every person on earth has some kind of stress or the other. When it comes to stress, it has an even wider range than the range of the Homo Sapiens it affects.

People are stressed about their parents, spouses, children, homes, jobs, nation, tolerance-intolerance issues, cats and what not! The smallest of things stresses people out. I have seen people stressing over how to eat chopped fruits just because they didn't have a 'fruit fork'.

Therefore, in this article, we don't promise to abolish the stress from your life; however, we shall share with you some brilliant ideas on how to de-stress at your work place for a better mental health.

Here are your 10 Bible points:


1. Learn To Adapt

It's elementary that you learn to adapt to your surroundings. It'll take some time initially. You might feel out of place for the first 7 days or so; however, eventually, on the eighth day, it'll all be hunky-dory! Remember, if you can't defeat them be one of them.


2. Communication Is The Key

Whether good or bad, right or wrong, learn to speak for yourself. You like something, appreciate it. You do not like something, reprove it. Any problem, howsoever big it is, it can be talked out. Do not let your 'being introvert' nature be used against you.


3. Personal Touch

Decorate your work place with things that you are attached to or really love a lot; however, this does not permit you to bring your pet snake to work or adorn your cubicle's soft board with that gold necklace your mom gave to you! Adorn your work place with some pictures of your loved ones (pet snake too if you want too), memoirs, poem, thoughts, flowers, etc.


4. Bring In The Greens

The previous point extends to this one. You can put miniature or dwarf plants on your desk. It can be your favorite flower or an ornament plant. It's surely an amazing idea to add life to that corner next to your desktop. However, please do not forget to water it every day.


5. Stay Organised

Your surrounding speaks for you. Some file lying here some paper flying there, the cup of coffee you had yesterday still lying on your desk, scattered files on your desktop, things falling out of your bag, etc, speak volumes of the type of person you are. Wherever you work whatever you do, follow a personal decorum to stay organised. This won't only have a positive significance on you, but will also build-up the perspective of your colleagues.


6. Stay Away From Office Politics

This simply means stay away from double-faced people (it's not hard to figure them out). You'll find such people at every office where you work. They expertise in buttering the boss throughout the year, with an overload of extra cheese at the time of the annual review and increment. They are also good at being good to you when with you and speak against you in your absence. Best is to simply ignore them, but always have them in the corner of your eyes.


7. Relaxation Exercises

Many of us have an office job and we keep sitting at our desks most of the time, glued to our systems. By doing so, we're giving an open invitation to chronic back or spinal disorders and strain to our eyes as well. So, it's advisable to take a break in between your work and take a walk or do some easy exercises that can be done sitting on your seat.


8. Take Ownership and Manage Your Time Well

When you are assigned with a work, it is expected that you take the complete ownership of it. You are expected to manage your work in the given time. The best way to manage your time is to finish off with the more important work first and save the day for the rest of the work. Avoid taking favours of your colleagues all the time, even they have been assigned with their own work. Plus, it is not good for your reputation as well. However, helping your colleagues every now and then is justified.


9. Socialise But Be Selective

Staying with positive people at work will bring out the best in you. But since all of us work in a mixed baggage, it's safe to maintain good relations with everyone; however, it is important that we maintain our official decorum and avoid falling prey to office politics.


10. Be Focussed, Stay Positive

Always stay positive! This will not only keep you de-stressed, but will also increase your productivity. Plan a goal for yourself and chart a 5-year plan. Be focussed on what you want to do in life and work towards its achievement.

So, make sure you follow these de-stressing ideas. A de-stressed work life will definitely give you some relief in the long run.

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