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8 Diseases That Can Kill A Woman

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Recent statistics show that women die faster than men and the sole reason is due to these 8 types of diseases that affect them. More than two million women in the world are battling cancers related to the ovaries and breast.

The scary part is, women are also prone to developing diabetes in the recent past and together with this deadly disease, anaemia too is on the rise for a number of deaths in women.

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Today, there are a lot of medical treatments that you can turn to if you want to survive and fight these diseases. In some cases, home remedies too can help if you turn to it at the right time.

Experts state that women should make it a point to pay monthly visits to the doctor for their overall checkups. These medical visits will help you to be more aware in case you're suffering from any disease that can kill you.

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So, ladies, if you are 25 years or older, here are some of the major diseases that can ruin your chance of living a healthy life. Why don't you spend a few minutes reading this article:


Heart Disease:

It is recorded that 38 per cent of the women die with their first heart attack when compared to men with a 28 per cent chances. Women who smoke have an increased chance of getting a block in the heart and are likely to suffer from heart diseases too.


Breast Cancer:

Women over the age of 35 years should go in for a mammogram test regularly to determine if the breasts are healthy or not. After the age of 23 years, women need to self-examine their breasts to check for unusual lumps, which is one of the initial signs of breast cancer.


Cervical Cancer:

This is a cancer that forms in the tissue of the cervix. Women who have multiple sexual partners are more prone to developing this cancer, as it is spread initially through a virus. Bleeding after intercourse, abdominal pain and excruciating pain during regular menstrual dates are another sign.


Ovarian Cancer:

This cancer arises from the ovary. It is the 7th most common cancer in the world and affects more than a million women every year. Ovarian cancer does not have any first-hand symptoms, until the cancer has spread thoroughly.



Due to social stigma, most women in India commit suicide. The reason is due to feeling depressed and helpless in their work field, feeling of being dominated in the family and more.



Type 2 diabetes is very common in women over the age of 28 years, says a study. Women who ignore to follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle, normally end up with this disease that can kill them.


Kidney Disease:

High blood pressure, heart disease and a family with this problem can give rise to the onset of kidney disease in women. Though early symptoms of kidney disease are bleak, urine and blood tests can determine it.



One out of three women are underweight and are suffering from anaemia. Due to this health problem, pregnancy-related deaths which are stillbirths, brain damage to the foetus and a poor physical development of the child can be caused.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 23, 2016, 12:15 [IST]
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