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Ayurvedic Remedies To Improve Sexual Stamina In Men

Many men across the globe are identified with low stamina that affects their sexual life greatly. Low libido, lesser stamina, erectile dysfunction, low ejaculation are some of the sexual problems faced by men .

There are many causes that can be responsible for reduced sexual stamina in men such as depression, stress and hormonal imbalance, high BP and obesity.

There are many medicines available over the counter that can help cure the problem of low sexual stamina.

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But we would recommend going the herbal way and using ayurvedic herbs and remedies to treat the problem related to sexual stamina.

According to Ayurveda, sexual problems are a result of aggravated Kapha. The increase in Kapha also has an adverse effect on your immunity and overall well-being. Ayurveda prescribes the use of natural herbs and remedies to cure the problem of low sexual stamina.

Let's see how we can harness the potential of these herbs and remedies to help in the treatment of low sexual stamina.

Let us look at some of the easily available herbs and remedies to treat the problem of low sexual stamina.


Garlic is a known spice and almost present in most of the Indian dishes. While chefs swear by it for enhancing culinary experience, it is also a potent herb for its medicinal qualities. It is recommended in Ayurveda to treat a multitude of diseases from cholesterol to warts.

Not many people know that that garlic is also an excellent cure to treat sexual problems. It is an aphrodisiac which helps in increasing blood flow in the body, increasing sex drive, stamina, and sensitivity in the sex organs.

Consuming few cloves of garlic every day before sleeping will help in curing the problem of low sex drive.


Almond is a rich source of Vitamin E, Magnesium, calcium and Vitamin B2 which helps in keeping you fit. But almond is also a good source of Omega 3 fatty acid which helps in boosting sex drive in men.

Eating them raw before going to bed will help in curing the problem of low stamina in men.


Ashwagandha is an excellent ayurvedic herb which helps in treating various sexual problems. Its de-stressing properties help in decreasing stress levels.

It also helps in better functioning of the nervous system which in turn helps in increasing libido, stamina and better performance in the bed.


Not only does watermelon provides the much-needed respite during the summer months but is also an excellent remedy to cure sexual problems. It is also an excellent remedy to boost libido in men who have been suffering from the problem of low libido.

This natural Viagra helps in relaxing and regulating blood supply in the body which in turn improves sex drive. It helps in improving overall sexual health. Packed with essential nutrients, amino acids and antioxidants, consume watermelon for boosting your sexual prowess before hitting the bed.

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Figs are nutritious, good in taste and also hailed in Ayurveda for its host of benefits. Figs are packed with copper, potassium, manganese and fibre.

It is recommended by Ayurveda to treat various sexual problems such as sexual dysfunction, improving stamina and sex drive for prolonged session between the sheets. The amino acids present in it help a great in treating sexual problems whereas antioxidants help in reducing stress. Manganese and potassium present in it help in maintain a healthy body.

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