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7 Home Remedies To Get Relief From An Allergy

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Allergy is a kind of problem that can come unannounced at any time. You could be at work, or in some social gathering, acute allergy outbreak can happen anytime and anywhere.

The unavoidable and highly annoying symptoms of allergy are constant sneezing, runny nose and in a few serious cases, hay fever.

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In certain cases, allergy could be a result of a reaction to some foreign body. While, in others, it could be a sign of some underlying cause.

This is highly common among people with a weaker immune system. In such people, the immune system is more vulnerable to particles known as allergens that cause the allergy.

Over the years, many prescription medications have been developed to battle the issue of allergy. But, these medicines only provide a temporary solution.

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For getting relief from allergy for a good period of time, one should give a try to the home remedies.

These home remedies are equipped with essential properties to tackle allergy and keep it at bay.

In this article, we at Boldsky have curated a list of 7 of the most effective home remedies to get relief from allergy.

Take a look at these.


Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is a wonderful natural ingredient to boost the immune system and give relief from the allergy. Also, it is a natural healing agent that can provide you relief.


Nettle Leaf:

Nettle leaf is an excellent herb that is known to cure infections. Especially, in the case of an allergy, it can effectively provide relief. Make tea of these leaves and drink it twice in a day to keep those unwanted allergies at bay.



Known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, honey is a wonderful remedy. It will strengthen your immunity system and shield you against the germs that cause allergies.


Green Tea:

Drinking green tea on a regular basis has many health benefits. It is packed with properties that help in building a strong immune system.



Ginger is one home remedy that can cure a plethora of ailments. It is loaded with properties that enhance the immune system. But, it is imperative to be careful with the amount you consume, as excessive consumption can have side effects.


Peppermint Tea:

Just a sip of peppermint tea can effectively treat allergy. It clears the nasal congestion and also cures cough. For great results, you can drink this tea on a daily basis.


Coconut Oil:

The health benefits of coconut oil are plenty. It is great for building a stronger immune system and for a proper functioning of the digestive system.

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