The Ghastly Effects Of Wearing These 9 Shoes!

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If stilettos harm feet, flat shoes can also be dangerous says a recent research. It is said that women are more prone to developing back pain, fractures, heel pain and even chronic stress due to the height of the heel or the sole on your footwear.

Wearing high heels like pumps or pencil shoes cause a strenuous strain on the back leading to back ache and cramps in the calf of your leg. On the other hand wearing flip flops on a daily basis causes inflammation and minor strains on the foot too.


If you want to look after your health, it is time you walk around bare foot at home at the end of the day. Wearing house slippers or Hawaiian chappals too have an adverse effect on the body!

Here are some of the health dangers of every shoe. You might want to take a look at how that sexy pair of footwear can bring about only pain and torment in your life!


Pencil Heels

Wearing pencil heels everyday will cause you to develop arthritis at an earlier stage in life. The pressure causes the knee to absorb the brunt of every step you take, which then leads to severe joint pain and an exacerbation of arthritis symptoms over a period of time.


Flip Flops

Wearing flip-flops can also cause bone problems for women. A long term usage of flip flops will also cause heel pain which can also lead to bone spurs.


Flat Sandals

Wearing strappy sandals or shoes with little to no arch support can cause overuse of tendons and muscles in your feet. This is one of the main effects of wearing flat or heel sandals. Over a period of time it also effects the hips, ankles, knees, and back.


Platform Wedges

Wedges seem like the most comfortable to wear, but they aren't. Wedges have platforms that protect the ball of your foot and reduce the incline. Due to this, over a period of time it effects the heels making you suffer from many ailments.



Sneakers are loved by all. But, wearing sneakers everyday will only cause chronic stress injuries, particularly to the heel since the cushion that is inbuilt in the sneakers are way too soft!



Ballets too are one of the shoes you should avoid wearing daily. Ballet shoes keeps the feet from functioning optimally and can lead to knee, hip, and back problems. If your ballet shoes has a poor arch support it can also lead to a foot condition called plantar fasciitis.



Boots are loved by many, but did you know wearing boots cause the lack of blood circulation mainly due to the type of fabric used. If it is leather boots, try avoiding it in the summer season and monsoon as sweaty feet can also bring on minor problems.


Strap Sandals

Pointy-toed open shoes or sandals are commonly used by all women. But, this type of shoes explains the prevalence of bunions at the corner of the toe.



Though these shoes are made with light weight fabric, it still causes harm to your health. The use of Espadrilles brings on sweaty and smelly feet which is difficult to get rid of easily.

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