Menstrual Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

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If your period shows up like clockwork every month and if your one month late, your mind will jump to conclusions.

It is said there are more than a million reasons why some women tend to miss a period and it's just not just pregnancy. Stress, weight gain, rigorous exercising, hormonal imbalance, medication, thyroid disorder and mental illness are some of the menstrual problems that are common and should not be ignored.

However, there are many more severe menstrual problems women tend to ignore which is not good for their health.

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Unbearable cramps, uncontrollable bleeding, excessive pms-ing are some things women face due to various health reasons. These severe menstrual problems if ignored and not treated will lead to other health complications which will effect the woman.

Women should keep themselves healthy by watching their weight, exercising and keeping themselves active, practicing safe contraceptive methods and eating the right diet. If these simple rules are followed, women can prevent themselves from these severe menstrual problems.

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On the other hand, some women face these health issues due to their family history of sicknesses like anemia, polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS etc. So, ladies, if you're experiencing some of these menstrual problems, it is best to visit a doctor. The gynecologist will be able to prescribe medications that can get rid of the problem in due course of time.


When Cramps Turn Unbearable

When the abdominal cramps become too painful, the term is called as Dysmenorrhea. Unbearable cramps could be a sign of endometriosis, leiomyoma, adenomyosis, or ovarian cysts (which affect the woman's ability to bear a child), preterm labor and anemia. Treating these unbearable cramps at the earliest is one of the things women shouldn't ignore.


When Menses Have Stopped

If menses don't begin at the age of 16, this problem is called as primary amenorrhea. And, if the menses have started at the right age but the cycle has skipped for more than 3 months, this menstrual problem is called secondary amenorrhea. The primary and secondary amenorrhea can be treated with medications depending on the physical condition of the woman, and this treatment should not be ignored.


Periods Last For More Than 7 Days

If the period lasts for more than 7 to 10 days, this is abnormal. It is medically known as menorrhagia. If this menstrual problem is ignored, the woman will feel weak and tired. This problem should be looked into as menorrhagia is an indication of an abnormal growth in the uterus.


Uncontrollable Bleeding

When the woman has to change tampons or the sanitary napkin after every 2 hours, it is a sign that she is bleeding too much. Uncontrollable bleeding during menses is something one should not ignore as it can lead to other complicated problems.


Pms-ing Goes Out Of Hand

If the pms cycle drastically affects the woman's life, she must seek doctor's advice. This is one menstrual problem not to be ignored.



Blood spotting in between periods is one problem not to be ignored. This spotting could be due to the cause of a uterine cyst or polyp, fibroids, an infection (like bacterial vaginosis) or a precancerous growth. Visiting a doctor to take a look at the problem is a must.


Hormonal Problem

Distressed hormones is one of the main menstrual problems a woman should not ignore. Hormonal imbalances along with problems like asthma, diabetes, arthritis and depression could worsen the problem.

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