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How Does Pineapple Benefit The Stomach?

Natural remedies are the best to treat any infection in the stomach. According to experts, fresh pineapple juice is an effective ingredient which aids in killing bacteria and infection; it simultaneously boosts your immunity.

Pineapple is a juicy topical fruit which contains more than one type of nutrients and these powerful nutrients together aid in soothing the stomach naturally. When one drinks fresh pineapple juice on an empty stomach, the enzyme bromelain helps break down the protein.

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This in turn reacts with the digestive tract which therefore helps in reducing digestion problems and inflammation too. Drinking this fresh pineapple juice also prevents the stomach from bloating, aids in constipation problems and cures an upset tummy in no time.

A recent study states that when pineapple juice is consumed on an empty stomach, the multiple vitamins, minerals and enzymes together will fight and improve your overall health.

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Also, adding other vitamin C foods to the diet on an empty stomach will heal the stomach and get rid of the infection faster. Water too should be consumed in excess, as diarrhea results in fluid loss.

It is suggested to drink pineapple juice twice a day for 3 consecutive days to get rid of a tummy upset. Here are some ways to add pineapple to a temporary diet to benefit the tummy, take a look:


Pineapple Slices

It is important to consume one to three pieces of fresh pineapple in between meals. This will aid in soothing the tummy. Make sure the pineapple is fully ripened.


After Meals

If you happen to develop an upset stomach right after a meal, it is advisable to consume fresh pineapple juice to get rid of the problem before it worsens.


Consume The Skin Too

After a meal, it is best to drink 150 ml of pineapple juice (the juice must contain the skin too). This fresh juice with the skin content will have a higher amount of bromelain which will help keep digestive problems at bay.


Pineapple With Yoghurt

Add two tablespoons of yoghurt to 150 ml of fresh pineapple juice. Mix the two ingredients and consume this fruit smoothie on an empty stomach to get rid of an upset tummy. On the other hand, this smoothie will keep the tummy full and prevent one from binge eating.


Pineapple Slushy

Cut half a pineapple and add it to a blender. Add 6-7 ice cubes and 9 tablespoons of water. Blend the ingredients and consume this healthy pineapple slushy. This beverage will keep the body hydrated when trying to get rid of an upset stomach.


Eat It As A Snack

Usually when suffering from an upset stomach, one begins to feel hungry due to lack of fluids in the body. Therefore, experts advice to eat fresh pineapple pieces to keep the tummy full and aid in faster recovery. Fresh pineapple heals the stomach and gets rid of the infection.


Too Much Of Pineapple

Remember not to consume too much of this tropical fruit as it can make your tongue sore and irritated. An overdose of pineapple also tampers with certain medications.

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