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    15 Home Remedies For Painful Periods

    By Lekhaka

    Painful periods are one of the leading causes for women to miss work or college. Painful periods are a constant worry for many women. The intensity of the pain may vary from woman to woman but the discomfort cannot be avoided totally. The first one or two days does throw life out of gear.

    Now, with the help of the internet, we can share information and knowledge about the ways to prevent these pains. Women and girls across the world can now learn more about ways to avoid severe pains and lead a pain-free life throughout the year.

    Adopt preventive measures to avoid pains and if they still occur, go for some of the simple home remedies.

    Here are some basic tips to counter the painful periods. Each one’s body reacts differently to different conditions and treatments. See which one suits you best.

    Here are the 15 Home Remedies For Painful Periods



    When not well, the best remedy that one can give the body is sleep. This is the time the muscles get to relax and recover. During periods, the magic of sleep works. Take a good long sleep and wake up feeling much better and relaxed.



    Do light massages on you lower abdomen, the region in which you feel the pain. Light massages give relief to the muscles and relax them hence making you feel better.


    Hot pads:

    Placing a hot pad or a hot water bottle on the painful region also provides relief. But be sure to remove the hot pad before you dose off to sleep.


    Warm bath:

    Just like a hot pad, a warm bath will give you great relief. Go for a warm shower or take a dip in a warm bath tub, the painful periods will not last long.


    Light frequent meals:

    When having pains during menstruation, try to have light meals. Having a filling meal may cause discomfort. So, it would be best to have small and light meals at regular intervals. This will keep you full but not cause any discomfort.


    Complex carbohydrates:

    It is always advisable to stay away from refined flours, but during periods, it becomes all the more necessary to do so. Refined flours are a bit difficult to digest and can cause further pains.


    Fruits and vegetables:

    No matter what the trouble with your body, fruits and vegetables are always helpful. Same goes for the menstruation days. They are light on the tummy, have natural sugars, contain fluids and are loaded with vitamins.


    Avoid coffee:

    Coffee, in some people, can cause further pains. If you are a coffee drinker and have painful periods, try avoiding coffee for a month and see if there are any changes. If the pains reduce, you can consider giving up coffee.


    Avoid too much of sugar and salt:

    Excess sugar and salt are not good in any case. But when you tummy is playing havoc and your pains are unbearable, you can try limiting your intake of sugar and salt.


    Increase fluid intake:

    During periods, the body loses a lot of blood. To keep the body well-hydrated, a good intake of fluids is necessary. You can sip on warm beverages such as green tea and herbal teas too.


    Anti-inflammatory tablets:

    To ease the pain, you can take some over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines. These are not a cure for the pains, but will give you temporary relief.



    It is very important to maintain an exercise regime to avoid pains during periods. Exercising keeps the muscles flexible and helps ease the pains. Besides, exercising also makes sure that your periods occur on time.


    Lose weight:

    If you are overweight, you should consider losing some pounds to ease your period pains.


    Stay active:

    An active lifestyle has many benefits. Not only does it keep you healthy, but also ensures that your periods come and go with no attached troubles.


    Vitamin boost:

    Give your body a regular boost of vitamins to keep it healthy. With proper nutrition, the body stays in good health and minor problems such as painful periods can be avoided. A healthy diet is important, but if required, you can take multivitamin capsules also.

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