Foods You Should Avoid When You Have A Cold

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We are often told that when we're down with an illness like common cold or fever, it is best to watch the diet and amount of fluid intake.

Though, there are several foods to add to the diet during a perfect weather, there are certain foods that you should avoid too, especially when you have a cold.

Foods that contain histamine or increase the histamine levels in the body should be a strict no, till you completely get healed from the common cold infection. Likewise, it is also advisable to stay away from foods that promote the production of phlegm/mucus and do not consume foods that aggravate the stomach to produce acids, causing an acid reflux in the body.

Fruits like bananas and avocado should not be consumed, since the properties present in these fruits can produce more mucus and increase the cold in your body. Likewise, it is also good to avoid dairy foods, as most of them contain high amounts of calcium, which therefore produces acidity in the stomach causing you to feel nauseous.

Hence, here are 7 foods that you should avoid when you have a cold. Why don't you take a look at some of these foods, which can only make you feel ill rather than heal you from the health problem:


Dairy Foods

It is best to avoid dairy foods, as most of the dairy products aggravate the mucus membrane and produce higher amounts of infections in the body. If you crave for dairy, try a low-fat frozen yoghurt instead.


Acidic Foods

Acidic foods should be completely avoided if you have a cold. Foods like red meat contain high amounts of acidity that interfere with the natural acids in the body. Consuming acidic foods, when you have a cold, will only cause higher inflammation and pumping in of more acidity in the body.


Sugary Foods

One should consume foods that have natural sugars and fibres, which will help heal you from the sickness. Avoid foods that have artificial sugars, since they can increase the inflammation in the body, making you feel more sick.


Fatty Foods

Fatty foods are best to be avoided when you're down with a cold and cough. Fatty foods contain grease and fatty acids, which play havoc in the body and increase your sickness. Reduce the intake of fatty foods to get rid of the common cold.



Never drink alcohol when you are sick. Alcohol weakens the immune system and dehydrates the body, thus increasing the cold that might even increase the temperature levels in the body resulting in a fever.


Fast Foods

Fast foods should be a complete no, when you are down with a cold. Fast foods contain zero nutrients and have a high amount of calories, which can lower the metabolism rate and prevent the body from fighting off the infection.


Juice Diets

Turning to a juice diet when you're ill is not advisable. Juices contain fibre, which is good for you. However, they also contain sugar that is bad for the immune system, when the immune system is trying to fight the infection in the body.

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