Facts You Should Know About Ovarian Cysts

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We never give importance to our body parts unless we realise their functions. Ovaries is a great example of such ignorance. We do not bother to pay attention to our ovaries unless it is a matter of pregnancy.

Studies reveal that when a woman menstruates for the first time there are many chances that the ovaries can develop ovarian cyst. This cyst is not harmful for a long period of time.

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Did you know that women who have pelvic pain may be suffering due to ovarian cyst? Read on to know about such shocking facts that you need to be aware of.

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Today, we at Boldsky are going to share some of the interesting and shocking facts about the ovarian cysts that all of us should know.


What Is Ovarian Cyst?

It is one of the pair of reproductive glands in a woman. It is located on the pelvis, each on one side of the uterus. It is closed sac-like structure within the ovary. It is generally filled with liquid or semisolid substance. These ovaries are the main source of female hormones which control the development of female body characteristics like breasts, body shape and body hair as well.


Types Of Cysts

There are various types of cysts. The most common type of cyst is "Follicle Cyst" and "Luteum Cyst" followed by "Endometriosis". The first two cysts generally subside during menses which makes them less harmful. Endometriosis is quite dangerous as it affects the pregnancy procedure. PCOS is also a form of cyst in which multiple cysts are formed that create problems related to pregnancy.


Causes Of Ovarian Cyst

There are various causes of ovarian cyst. It can be caused due to hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, pregnancy and severe pelvic infections. The functional cysts is cured on its own without any treatment. The problem arises when drugs are used to ovulate an egg.


Signs And Symptoms

All cysts do not have painful symptoms. In severe cyst formation symptoms like bloating, swelling or pain in the lower abdomen followed by severe pain, nausea and vomiting occur. The most common symptoms include pelvic pain, dull ache in the lower back and thighs, problems while passing stools and pain during sex.


Can Ovarian Cysts Lead To Cancer

Yes, certain ovarian cysts can lead to cancer. Women who are going through menopause stage are more prone to ovarian cancer. Studies reveal that scanning for ovarian cysts is not completely accurate as it leads to "false positives" which means that the test results say that a woman has ovarian cancer when she does not.


Do Ovarian Cysts Affect Pregnancy

Ovarian cysts are generally benign and harmless. These cysts continue to grow even during pregnancy. Sometimes it can rupture or cause twisting during childbirth. This is one of the interesting facts to know about ovarian cysts.


Can Ovarian Cysts Be Prevented

Studies reveal that you cannot prevent functional ovarian cysts if you are ovulating. If there are multiple cysts produced then doctors prescribe medicines to stop the cysts growth.

These are few interesting facts you should know about ovarian cysts. If have any, then do share with us in the comment section below.

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