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Alarming Signs That You're Unhealthy

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How do you feel today? Do you feel healthy? Do you feel active? Well, if your under stress and feel de-motivated, it probably would be due to stress and mental illness.

But, if you feel physically not OK, then it something you need to worry about. Experts state that in a course of time our body tells us that there is something wrong, and we should pay attention to it no matter what.


If you feel physically weak and not able to perform your regular activities it is time to visit a doctor. When the body can't take it anymore, it throws out signs like weight gain, weight loss, fatigue, bloody stools, extremely dark urine and more. Pay attention to each of these unhealthy signs in your body as it is trying to tell you something. Here are some of the signs you should not ignore at any cost!


Dark Urine

Your urine is one of the things to look at every morning. If your urine is dark in colour it could mean that one of your vital organs are giving up. It could also mean that your dehydrated.


Do You Miss Your Sleep

It is important to sleep for 8 hours. If your over sleep it could mean that your body is running out of energy. On the other hand, if your lack the sleep your body requires, it could be unhealthy too.


Do You Feel Short?

Never ignore if you feel that your height is decreasing as it could mean that your bones are starting to degenerate as a result of osteoporosis. Get a test done to make sure your okay.


Increase In Weight

Apple pear and pear shaped folks, you need to be careful. Weight gain around the belly, waist, hips and thighs could cause problems to your heart. This is one of the unhealthy signs you need to look into immediately.


Tired Feeling Bogging You Down

There are three reasons why your feeling exhausted and bogged down. Firstly, it is the diet you are following, secondly it could mean your thyroid has be


Snoring Disturbs Your Loved One

Snoring is not something you should ignore at any cost. Snoring is connected to a sleep disorder characterized by obstruction in the airways that can increase your risk of pulmonary hypertension and subsequent heart failure.


What's Happening To Your Skin?

If your skin is acting up it could mean that your body is under stress. Outbreaks on the skin could also result to food allergies. This is one of the alarming signs to show that something is not okay in your body.


Missed Periods

Missed periods are one of the common problems faced by the modern woman. A missed period would be pregnancy, or it could mean a hormonal change in the body resulting to PCOS.

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