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Side Effects Of Taking Sleeping Pills

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Sleeping Pills Side Effects
Sleep deprivation is a major problem among working professionals. Work pressure and unhealthy lifestyle affects sleep. To get a good sleep, few people take sleeping pills. These pills can help induce sleep in the short term but have harmful effects on the body. What happens when you take sleeping pills? Find out...

Side effects of sleeping pills:

1. The first thing is that sleeping pills are addictive. Once you get used to this sleep medication, you will depend on it physically and emotionally. In short, you will not get sleep without taking a pill at bedtime.

2. Sleeping pills make you breathe slowly and less deeply. These medications are unhealthy for asthma patients. People with respiratory disorders should also avoid taking pills which induce sleep.

3. Taking sleeping pills affect your appetite. The disturbance of the circadian rhythm due to taking pills causes changes in all your metabolic functions, especially appetite.

4. Few people take sleeping pills with juice or alcoholic beverages. One of the side effects of taking sleeping pills with alcohol is, it is dangerous for the body and causes death too! Also avoid mixing sleeping pills with grapefruit juice.

5. Other side effects of sleeping pills are unconsciousness, headache in the morning, dizziness, fatigue, increased thirst and weakness.

6. During induced sleep, the person gets unusual dreams such as walking in the sleep, instability, making love or running on the ground.

7. Parasomnia is a common side effect of some strong sleeping pills. For example, you will see the walls shaking and the head rotating.

8. When you take strong sleep medications, your body not only becomes weak but also trembles.

These are few side effects of taking sleeping pills. Always take sleeping pills under medical advice and buy from trusted pharmaceutical stores.

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Story first published: Friday, March 16, 2012, 12:45 [IST]
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