Do You Get Bruises Easily?

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Do you get a bruise very easily when you bang your hand against the table or just bump into the door? Has your skin become blotchy with bruises these days? This is probably because you are suffering from an easy bruise disorder. When the clotting of your blood is not proper, then it can result in easy bruises.

Here are some of reasons why you could be getting bruises easily on your skin.

  • Vitamin K Deficiency: Vitamin K is the vitamin responsible for the clotting of blood in your body. If you have major deficiency of vitamin K, then you can end up with bruises at the touch of a finger. A bruise occurs when there is some amount of internal bleeding under your skin. So this means that the clotting time of your blood has increased substantially.
  • Low Platelet Count: When your body is unable to produce platelets then too you could get bruises for no apparent reason. Often when the body is weak due to a serious illness, then the platelet count of the blood is often low. This will also result in delayed clotting. It is often accompanied by severe weakness.
  • Blood Cancer: If unexplained bruises come with nose-bleeds, bleeding gums and bleeding of other body parts, then it could be symptom of blood cancer. Blood cancer increases the number of white blood cells making you deficient in platelets. With lesser number of platelets, you will have blood clotting problems.
  • Genetic Disorders: Some varieties of genetic bleeding disorders like haemophilia and thalassemia can also make you prone to bruises. There is hardly anything you can do about it because the problem is genetic.
  • Bruising With Age: When you grow old, the walls of your blood capillaries become weak. So, even a minor trauma can cause the blood capillaries to burst. This will cause internal bleeding and an evident bruise.

What You Can Do?

  • If it is genetic problem, then you can do nothing other than being careful not to hurt yourself.
  • If your bruising is being caused due to vitamin deficiency, then you need to take nutrient supplements. Have lots of green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale.
  • If your platelet count is low then try having orange juice as it really helps. You also need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to make up the count.

These are some of the reasons for which you can get bruises. Whatever be the cause for it, you must address it because it could indicate a serious illness.

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