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Do You Have Spondylitis Symptoms?

Posted By: suparna-chakraborty Chakaraborthy
With the work culture being that of 24X7, Spondylitis has grown up to become the most common problem and specially among people within the age group of 20-30. Thanks to continuous work on computer. It is basically the inflammation of the spinal cord which affects the back, bottom and neck. The inflammation is often accompanied by pain and swelling. Though basically having affected the spinal cord, it can also affect other parts of the body like the hand and waist. In some of the chronic cases, the disease can make one hunch back. It is often ignored by us, which leads to the condition being severe.

The symptoms of spondylitis usually start at a very subtle note and thus, is often ignored as normal back pain. Lets look at some of the symptoms of Spondylitis -

1.The first symptom of spondylitis is a severe pain in the neck and shoulder region. The difference between the normal pain and the pain due to this disease is that it is accompanied with stiffness and it hurts the most on the joints and is often accompanied with swelling. The pain spreads in the whole region within seconds.

2.Feeling giddy is yet another symptom of spondylitis. At the beginning of the disease along with pain, you might feel giddy every time you change your position and few people also find it difficult to focus and write at a normal speed.

3.Chronic suffering can disrupt the bone structure and thus change the person's gait.

4.One of the major symptom of spondylitis which makes it different from other body pain is the feeling of numbness. The pain area like the neck and the shoulders sometimes suffer a certain numbness.

If you suffering from any similar symptoms, then it's time you go for a check up for spondylitis. The earlier the cure, the more likely it is to cure.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 16:45 [IST]
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