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Monsoon Eye Infections: Eye Care Tips

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Monsoon Eye Care
Eye care is very important during the monsoon season. The wet season welcomes new eye make styles and removes sunglasses which used to be the protective layer for the sensitive eyes. But with this removal comes clear exposure of the eyes to infections prevalent in the monsoon season. Eye care is a must for protecting them from infections like conjunctivitis, eye styes, dry eyes and corneal ulcers.

Lets have a look at these monsoon eye infections:

Conjunctivitis: It is the inflammation of the conjunctiva due to the mucous membrane that line sup the eye lid and its surface. It is caused due to viral or fungal infection, dust, pollen or cosmetics and is characterized by redness, swelling and burning of the eyes. Conjunctivitis is cured in days. Cure conjunctivitis by medication and wear dark glasses to prevent hand contact with the eyes and keeps them cool.

Dry eyes: In this eye infection, eyes have constant tears flow and lubrication to sustain vision. This imbalance of tear flow causes dry eyes and leads to eye irritation, pain and blur vision. Exposure to dust, wind and cold air are causes of dry eyes. Therefore, maintain eye care in the monsoon season. It can be cured by medication but if it does not reduce, consult an ENT doctor.

Eye stye: This is an eye infection of monsoon season which causes a painful lump along the eyelid. It is caused by bacterial infections of monsoon. Eye stye can be treated at home wet and warm compresses and medication.

Cornea ulcers: This is an infection in the cornea, a thin layer over the iris in the eyes. An open sore on the cornea is recognized as cornea ulcer. This monsoon eye infection causes severe eye pain, pus discharge and blurring of vision and is caused by bacterial, viral or fungal infection. It is a serious infection and the affected should consult an ophthalmologist as early as possible.

Eye care tips for monsoon:

  • To avoid monsoon eye infections ash your hands and keep them clean. Avoid keeping big nails as dust settles in the spaces. Even wash hands after touching eyes, face and using an eye medicine.
  • Keep an anti-bacterial lotion when you go outdoors.
  • Avoid wearing contact lens during eye infection. Never share lens solution and containers with anyone and clean properly before and after use.
  • Be careful while using eye makeup and check the date of the eye cosmetic product before applying. Avoid using any cosmetic product during infection.
  • Use eye protection like glasses when exposed to wind or dust. It is advised to wear safety glasses while working with chemicals to avoid eye contact.

So, follow these eye care tips during monsoon to avoid eye infections during monsoon season.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 15:47 [IST]
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