Essential Home Remedies To Stop Bleeding!

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Stop Bleeding Remedies
A friend of mine decided to make us a lovely snack of vegetable and chicken cutlets. Geared up and ready to start with the fine cutting of vegetables, she took out her finest knives from the kitchen drawer and began the process of dicing.. Engrossed in talking and catching up with old times the knife suddenly slipped and all that was seen was 'blood'.

The kitchen counter was spotted with her red blood. Deep as her cut was, my friend went through pain she never imagined. Her finger wrapped in cloth and damp water, she ran heater skelter searching for the bottle of dettol to strop the bleeding. If only she knew there were easy home remedies to stop bleeding, my friend would not have gone through so much turmoil.

However there are easy home remedies to stop bleeding, ingredients you can get over your kitchen counter.

1.Coffee Powder – It is said that the best way to stop a bleeding cut is to immediately wash the wound and apply coffee powder to it. The use of coffee powder on the wound will help to clot the blood thus reducing the bleeding.

2.Flour – Maida or wheat flour can do wonders in home remedies to stop bleeding. It is said that when you get a minor cut, applying any type of flour to the wound will get stop the bleeding in seconds.

3.Electrical Tape – Strange but true! The use of electrical tape is considered to stop the bleeding. The Electrical tape has to be tied near the wound so that the blood flow stops thus leaving you with no scars too.

4.Salt – I remember when I was a kid I got this deep cut near my ankle and as I played in the beach after a few hours it healed, although I went through living hell with the pain the salt water caused. This has become a well known fact that now salt powder mixed with warm water can not only heal wounds but also act as a home remedies to stop bleeding.

5.Spider Web – For those of who are scared of spiders, This is one way out in helping you to stop a bleeding cut. Strange fact says that if you wrap a spider web around the cut (without the spiders|) the bleeding gradually lessens.

These are some basic and rare home remedies to stop bleeding. So the next time you experience a minor cut of a deep one, grab hold of one of the products from your kitchen shelf to find you relief.

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Story first published: Monday, March 14, 2011, 13:31 [IST]
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