Replacement - Adrenal Gland Treatment

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Adrenal gland treatment
What is the treatment of destruction of Adrenal Glands?

The treatment of destruction of Adrenal Glands is reasonably simple, body is unable to give us the hormone, we will give it from outside. The most natural treat,ent of destruction of Adrenal glands is replacement through tablet hydrocortisone. However in the case of treatment for destruction of Adrenal glands prednisolone can also be used (cheap). The other hormone aldosterone is replaced by giving tablet fludrocortisone. The initiation of hydrocortisone replacing the destruction of Adrenal Glands requires monitoring. This monitoring during treatment of Adrenal glands can be done by observing for several parameters like weight, BP, blood sodium and potassium levels, blood cortisol levels in the form of cortisol day curve. Another important thing to note is that this hydrocortisone tablet should be taken at particular time of the day i.e. on waking, at midday and at 5 pm.

How to manage during an intercurrent illness?

Cortisol is the hormone of fight and flight meaning to say that during any stressful event in a normal individual the level of the cortisol hormone goes up.
Trying to mimic what is normal, the requirement of cortisol goes up when a person with cortisol deficiency undergoes a surgery or develops an illness. The rule of thumb is to double the dose in illness like chest or urine infection. If unable to take tablet by mouth due to destruction of adrenal glands, you need to get an injection, this is a must otherwise you will develop a condition called Adrenocortical crisis. Best is to keep an injection at home, in case of emergency can be used before getting in touch to Doctor.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 17:42 [IST]
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