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What Is Diabetes?

Posted By: Staff

Diabetes is an old illness. It has affected mankind for many hundreds of years and is referred in old Sanskrit writing. It is a chronic metabolic disorder with high levels of sugar in the blood. The word “Diabetes" means siphon and “Mellitus" stands for sweet. Diabetes and Diabetes Mellitus are used interchangeably in day-to-day practice.

How does it happen?
A gland in the tummy named pancreas secretes a hormone called Insulin, which controls blood sugar. When we eat, glucose is absorbed from the stomach and enters in the blood. The glucose must enter into the cells to make energy and insulin helps glucose to enter the cells. Diabetes is the result of inability of the pancreas to produce normal amount Insulin or Insulin becoming ineffective to do its" job.

Diabetes: Why me?
Frequently this question is asked, despite no family history how did I get Diabetes. Family history certainly is an important factor, but the fact is being Asian, we all have high-risk gene for Diabetes. Remember it is not your fault that you have Diabetes. You are just happened to be the person who got it. In India 6% of villagers and up to 14% of city dwellers have Diabetes. Recent studies showed all over the world the incidence of Diabetes is increasing and it is more so in Asians. Also we are getting Diabetes at an earlier age than people in the west (around 10 yr).

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 3, 2010, 10:30 [IST]
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