Stomach Upset And Home Remedies For Quick Cure

Stomach Upset
Stomach upset is mainly caused due to indigestion. Our stomach cells excrete acid to digest the food we eat but when the amount of food exceeds the digestion limits, then some of the food stuff are left behind undigested. At this point of time, body excretes more acid which causes acidity. Acidity causes stomach disorder. Overeating does not give time for the stomach to digest all the food and this causes infection which leads to stomach upset. Stomach disorder can lead to serious conditions like diarrhoea, stomach ulcer etc. Symptoms of stomach disorder are nausea, headache, tiredness and pain around the naval etc.

Here was some home remedies to cure stomach upset -

1.Mix half a spoon of baking soda to a glass of water. Drink it to get relief from acidity. This also controls loose motion.

2.Wet a cloth in cold water and sponge your stomach with it. This treats the restlessness in your stomach and also reduces nausea.

3.Make a tea with Chamomile, ginger, mint and pepper. This is one of the best home remedy for stomach upset.

4.Boil raw banana with turmeric and salt. Cut it into pieces and eat it to stop loose motions.

5.Boil crushed mint leaves in a glass of water. Drink it twice a day to cure stomach disorder and irritation.

6.Take 1tsp of date and honey. Have it three times a day to stop severe loose motion.

7.Drink butter milk with 2 spoons of amla powder, to stop feeling of nausea.

8.Mix powdered cumin power and pepper with buttermilk and drink it thrice a day. This controls loose motion.

9.Make a paste out of poppy seeds and mix salt with it. Consume it every day to reduce acidity and gas.

10.Radish Juice is very good for digestion. Radish juice cures the unlined problem of stomach upset. Radish juice should be taken everyday in the morning to regulate digestion.

11.Puffed rice with sugar and water should be taken at intervals. This is a very good source of saline. During loose motion one tends to get dehydrated. This will help your body to maintain the water level.

These home remedies for stomach upset, assures quick recovery. Avoid intake of fried, citrus and high protein food during stomach disorder. They are difficult to digest and enhances the digestion problem.

Story first published: Thursday, November 11, 2010, 16:34 [IST]
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