Types Of Diabetes And More

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What are the types of Diabetes?

There are two main types of Diabetes: type 1 or Insulin deficient and type 2 or Insulin resistant or adult onset Diabetes. In type 1 Diabetes pancreas does not produce Insulin and you cannot survive without Insulin. In type 2 Diabetes, pancreas does produce Insulin but it is insufficient and/or less effective. Diabetes can manifest for the first time in pregnancy, called gestational Diabetes. Certain medications like steroids in high doses can cause diabetes as chronic pancreatitis – they are called secondary diabetes.

What should I do when I am told, “you have Diabetes"?
First step when you see your blood sugar result is high is to recheck to confirm the diagnosis. The next and most important, although most difficult, step is to accept the diagnosis. Do not try to run away from the diagnosis, try to know the facts about Diabetes. Several sources of information are available, like health magazines, Internet, various health related journals, education programmes, etc.

Is there any good news about Diabetes?
The good news is that with proper care you can avoid or at least postpone the deadly complications of Diabetes. The bad news is that Diabetes is not going to go away.

At present the word "cure" is not there for Diabetes.

Also it is worth knowing that Diabetes worsens over time, this is not your fault, and this is the nature of Diabetes. So, initially you may be well controlled with diet, later you will require tablets and a time in future will come when only tablets are not going to do the job, you will need Insulin. The time to reach that stage depends and varies from one person to other. If not taken care properly, this time can be as less as few years.

Control your Diabetes, do not allow Diabetes to control you.

Can we prevent Diabetes?
If you have genetic risk for developing diabetes because of family history, you cannot do anything about that. Things you can do are healthy eating (i.e., eating vegetables and fruits, avoiding fast food), healthy life-style (regular exercise, avoidance of smoking, moderation of alcohol, etc) and keeping your weight in accordance to your height. Certain medicines are being used recently for preventing Diabetes in people who have borderline Diabetes.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 5, 2010, 9:06 [IST]
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