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Kunal Khemu's Fitness And Diet Tips

Kunal Khemu, the Bollywood actor, is known for his role in the Golmaal series. In addition to movies, he is also very active on social media.

Recently, he shared a picture of his fit body on Instagram with all the fans going gaga over his picture. He is admired for his fitness regime and eating habits, which we are going to share in this article.

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Kunal's Exercise Regime

Kunal Khemu doesn't stick to a particular workout. His workout depends on the roles he chooses. He is into more of weight training which benefits the body by improving bone density, provides a toned appearance, burns fat, fights depression, lowers the risk of diabetes, prevents back pain, and promotes heart health [1] .

The actor's metabolism is also very high, which he considers his strength because it doesn't allow him to put on weight.

Well, weight training exercises can benefit you in ways more than one. Here are two simple exercises you could try.


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1. Push-ups

  • Place your hands on the floor with shoulder-width apart and extend your legs behind you.
  • Lower your body until your chest is just above the floor.
  • Breathe slowly and lower down your chest and bring it back up.
  • Do it for 10 seconds.

2. Chest press

  • Lie on the floor with your feet flat on the floor.
  • Take the dumbbells and push it up with your arms directly over your shoulders.
  • Push in your abdomen and tilt your chin towards the chest.
  • Slowly lower the dumbbells down until your elbows are slightly below the shoulders.
  • Do 10 to 15 reps.

In addition to the above-mentioned exercises, you can also try triceps extension, biceps curl with dumbbell, knee extension, leg press,hamstring curl, calf raise and squats depending on the body parts you need to work on.

Note:Combine weight training exercises with aerobic exercises to keep all the major muscle groups running.

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Kunal Khemu's Diet Plan

The actor doesn't follow a strict diet plan. He loves food and likes to try all kinds of cuisines. He eats whatever tastes good, however, he stays away from cheese-based foods and baked foods. He recommends eating three proper meals a day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The actor also likes drinking fruit and vegetable juice, especially karela juice (bitter gourd juice).

Here is an easy bitter gourd juice recipe for you.


  • Medium-sized bitter gourd
  • A glass of lemon juice or apple juice


  • In a blender, add the bitter gourd, apple or lemon juice.
  • Blend the ingredients until the juice is smooth.
  • Enjoy the drink

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