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    Here's Why You Should Include Curd Rice In Your Diet

    Over the years, consumption of curd has been associated with several health benefits. Curd, in the form of curd rice, when eaten on a frequent or daily basis can show immense results in improving not just your digestive system, but your overall health as well.

    Curd rice is known to have originated in South India but its consumption is not limited to the southern region of India. It is extremely famous in North India too, especially during the summer. Curd rice is said to be the most opted for food item when one is suffering from an upset tummy.

    curd rice benefits

    Curd Rice As A Health Booster

    Apart from being the easiest dish to prepare in the kitchen, curd rice has several health benefits.

    • With its ability to work against bloating, curd rice serves to be the best home remedy when you are suffering from an upset stomach and indigestion. Curd rice is famous for aiding digestion.

    • It is suggested that curd rice should ideally be consumed cold. It helps in maintaining the internal body temperature by cooling down the body. Therefore, curd rice happens to be a good dish that you can eat if you have fever. Also, it is observed that if eaten during a very hot day, it doesn't let your body get heated up too fast.

    • Curd possesses antioxidants, probiotics and fats, in a good form. Hence, emotions such as stress can be easily relieved by consuming curd. Therefore, curd is also known as a stress buster. It also helps the brain deal with feelings of aches and hurts.

    • Curd rice is one of the most opted dishes, at least during one meal time, for people who are working towards achieving weight loss. Having a bowl full of curd rice can keep your tummy full and prevent you from munching on high-calorie snacks. Compared to fried rice, curd rice has almost negligible amount of calories.

    • With the presence of antioxidants, curd rice is one of the most sought after dishes, especially during illness. It boosts the body's immunity and helps the body to fight infections. It also supplies the much-needed energy to the body when one is sick.

    Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of other reasons why one would choose to have curd rice. It is also one of the dishes that can be given to an infant. Curd rice is rich in carbohydrates and proteins, thus enhancing your nutritional intake.

    At times, having curd rice after a spicy dish can be quite relieving. Irritation and burning sensations post the consumption of fried and spicy food can be cured by having just one cup of curd rice. Curd, in general, is also known to give a glow to your skin; hence, it is also a part of several home facial packs.

    How To Prepare Curd Rice?

    Preparing curd rice is quite simple. You just mix rice and curd in a bowl. Heat some oil in a pan, add cumin seeds, black gram and curry leaves into it. Once heated, pour it over the curd rice in the bowl. Mix it well and your curd rice is ready to be eaten. Being this simple to prepare, it can also been prepared by someone who is alone and down with a fever.

    As it is easily prepared under a few minutes, it won't tire or stress you. You can also choose to make your curd rice tastier by adding green chillies, mustard seeds, raisins and cashew nuts. Fruits that can be added to your curd rice to make it more nutritional are pomegranate seeds, grapes, carrot and grated raw mango.

    Curd rice is a good option for people suffering from diarrhoea. When eaten along with a bit of fenugreek, it is found to relieve your stomach. It also eases stomach pains.

    Curd rice is advised by doctors for women who are nearing their menopause. It becomes a good supply of calcium to the body.

    When compared to milk, curd is a better option, especially in the form of curd rice. It doesn't give you the heavy feel that you might have post drinking a glass of milk. Studies have also found that the protein present in the curd can be digested faster than the protein in milk. As a source of potassium, curd can also help you keep your blood pressure regulated. Consumption of curd with honey is found to be effective in curing jaundice.

    Curd being one of the coolest nourishments should surely be a part of everyone's diet plan and what better when you can have it as curd rice, which is its most tasty form.

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    Story first published: Thursday, March 29, 2018, 17:30 [IST]
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