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    Here's How You Can Shed Weight With A Vegan Lifestyle

    If shedding weight is on your mind, then go for a vegan lifestyle and achieve your dream and a well-toned body in a matter of few months. Not just that, a vegan lifestyle can also help you stay healthy and fit for long. If done right, following a vegan diet can improve your health drastically.

    What Is A Vegan Diet?

    The vegan diet has gained ample popularity, especially amongst the youth of today. So, what exactly is a vegan diet? According to the National Institutes of Health, a vegan diet is a diet that does not contain any form of meat or animal products. A vegan diet is different from a vegetarian diet.

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    A person following a vegan lifestyle will not consume even eggs and dairy, which are animal based, while a vegetarian is likely to consume these food products.

    When transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, one can observe that it promotes weight loss, as a diet rich in plants has low content of saturated fat. It is the cutting out of meat, which is high in saturated fats, fatty dairy products and other processed foods that eventually allow a person's body to lose weight.

    Initiating A Vegan Lifestyle

    It is important to completely understand the dos and don'ts of a vegan lifestyle before you proceed with its implementation. In this form of a lifestyle, you will need to completely eliminate the intake of eggs, cheeses, milk-based yogurts, sour cream, meats and honey. Remove/giveaway all food products, which you have in your kitchen that contain meat in any form. This you can do by reading the labels on the canned or boxed food containers. Some of the soups, canned beans and seasoned vegetables might contain meat flavourings.

    Taking Note Of What You Eat

    It is a good habit to make a note of what you plan to eat during an entire week beforehand. To begin with a vegan lifestyle, you can start making notes of what you should be eating during breakfast for that week. Ensure that you eat food that is low in calories. Eating whole-grain cereals along with soy milk is one of the best options for breakfast.

    You can incorporate protein in your vegan diet by combining scrambled tofu with fresh veggies. For an occasional calorie-rich treat, you can opt for vegan waffles or muffins.

    Making Your Lunch Time Suit A Vegan Lifestyle

    Although you need to skip fat and cholesterol to ensure that you eat a vegan diet, you can still continue to stick by this rule yet prepare interesting and unique delicacies. It's time that you stop looking into junk food lunches, instead try preparing a simple vegan lunch.

    You can prepare a low-calorie salad and top it with almonds of around ½ oz in quantity. Do not use an oil-based dressing. Instead, go for flavoured vinegar that is calorie-free.

    You can opt to prepare your own hummus that is fat-free. You can spread it in a pita and give stuffing of tomato wedges or slices of an avocado. You can also choose to have a bean soup prepared using about one cup of black beans. Limit the intake of high-calorie nut butters.

    Making A Vegan-style Dinner

    In order to lose weight, it is important that you consume a dinner meal that is high in its nutritional content and low in calories. One of the best options for dinner is fibre-rich whole grains that also help keep your tummy full for long. One cup of sautéed vegetables served with about one cup of brown rice is the most suitable and easily prepared vegan dinner meal. You can also consider eating whole-grain bread and fruits to your meal. Ensure that you avoid fried vegetables.

    Make Your Snack Time All Vegan

    Make a point to read the food labels when you purchase packaged snacks. Choose a snack that is high in nutrition and low in calories. You can eat mixed fruits as a healthy snack. Make it more yummy and interesting by topping a combination of oranges, strawberries, kiwi and pineapple with chopped onions, lime juice, jalapeno peppers and bell peppers.

    It is advised that you seek the suggestion of a well-established dietitian who can guide you in the perfect manner when following a vegan diet. You can also ask your nutritionist to suggest you supplements that can help you lose weight, while maintaining a vegan lifestyle.

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