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Here's How To Eat Properly During Ramadan Without Losing Body Mass

By Rashi Shah

The holy festival of Ramadan is one of the most well-known festivals all over the world, especially because of its unique attribute of observing fast throughout a month. Almost every Muslim very religiously observes fast throughout the entire month of Ramadan and kudos to their great will and dedication.

But while you fast during this holy month, it is crucial that you don't let it affect your health adversely or lose a lot of body mass. There's no harm in following your religious beliefs; in fact, one should do it with pride, but at the same time you should be careful that you stay healthy and don't let your daily fasting affect your body.

A lot of people while fasting lose a very good amount of body mass and this affects their health in a pathetic way in the later stages and they are then helpless and can do nothing to fix this. It is therefore important that you take care of these things since the very beginning so that you don't have to face any negative consequences later on.

Here's how you can rest assured that your body mass or health is not affected due to fasting:

1. Avoid Training:

Since you are fasting the entire day, try to avoid any rigorous training as this might get taxing for you and you might not be able to regain that energy which you normally can by eating something. It is a good idea to give yourself some break from training in this month of Ramadan. Even if you do decide to go for training, keep it less rigorous and only 3 to 4 days a week instead of every day. After all, health comes first.

2. Don't Restrict Calories:

It is important that you don't restrict the number of calories you consume during this time as you are already hungry for tentatively 16 hours and it's very important to regain the energy you've lost. So, for this month you can ditch your diet and skip counting calories and cutting on your calorie consumption.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Once you break your fast, make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Drink as much water as needed in order to make sure that your body doesn't dehydrate. Dehydration can have a number of negative effects on your body and hence, when you are not fasting make sure you drink enough water to sustain your body.

4. Eat Adequate Protein:

Make sure you include an adequate amount of protein in your diet. Include foods high in protein in the meal you eat to break your fast. This will help to keep you energetic throughout your fasting period and also not affect your body mass in any negative way at all. You can't let that all-year-round workout go to waste after all.

5. Eat Healthy:

Don't overeat when breaking the fast but make sure you are eating healthy food. This will not only help you in regaining your lost energy but also help in maintaining the body mass and muscular power. Consume all nutrients in sufficient amount so that your health or weight is not affected in any way.

6. Keep A Check On What You Eat:

Avoid eating any junk or unhealthy food during this month as your body is already weaker due to fasting all day and can be more immune to any illness during this period. Hence, it's important you cut down on junk when breaking your fast and eat something healthy instead. Keep a thorough check on your diet and you will be fit as a fiddle.

7. Consume Good Fats:

Good fats will help you gain muscle power and energy and hence, it's important you include good fats in your diet during this period to maintain good health. Don't cut down on fats completely from your diet and they will help you in regaining your energy.

8. Don't Skip Your Meal:

You are already fasting during the day, so make sure that you don't skip or delay your meal of breaking the fast because of absolutely any reason at all. It's important you eat on time and recharge your drained body in order to keep your body in a healthy condition.

Keeping these things in mind will not only help you in maintaining your body mass but also help you in enjoying this beautiful month of Ramadan to the fullest.

Share this information with all your loved ones as well so that they can also improve their Ramadan experience and you can enjoy this amazing festival together, as it is meant to be.

Your health is equally important and make sure you don't neglect it at all and make this fasting experience better. Happy fasting!

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