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    Here Are The Best Ways To Eliminate Belly, Abdominal And Thigh Fat

    By Kalyani Sakharkar

    Are you tired of the bulging belly fat that makes wearing your skinny jeans a pain? Do you feel conscious sporting that pencil skirt? Well, it's high time you let the worries slip and start losing that abdominal and belly fat with some simple tips and tricks that will make losing your belly and abdominal fat and tone your thighs easier.

    Abdominal fat is one of the most difficult fat to get rid of, it develops into deep visceral fat and has a tendency to hamper your internal organs. And while belly fat can be very unhealthy for your body, thigh fat is not as much of a health concern, but it still makes for a cause of low self-confidence.

    eliminate belly abdominal and thigh fat

    Here are some of the most effective and simple exercises and tips that can help you lose weight:

    1. Start With Cardio

    Cardio before any workout is very much an essential. It is a great way to get your body going and getting your heart rate up before you start working those muscles out. A good cardio can improve the efficiency of a workout, since your body is all heated up and your workout can target that pesky belly fat properly. Always do a switch of workout after every few days. Do not stick to just one form of workout, since your body can get used to it pretty quickly.

    2. Squats For Toned Thighs

    Squats are a great toning exercise for your calves, quadriceps and hamstrings. It helps you build upper as well as lower body strength. Just know how to perform a perfect squat, as doing it wrong can be harmful. Do about 2-3 sets of 15 reps each every day. You will see the results

    eliminate belly abdominal and thigh fat

    3. Lunges For Abdominal Fat

    Including lunges in your everyday workout routine can make your core muscles stronger. It is a great exercise for eliminating the thigh fat or any bulge around your lower back. You can feel the burn right from the first day of doing this exercise. It stretches your hamstrings and tones your calves and legs. It is a great way to have those killer calves you've always wanted.

    4. Leg Raises For Lean Hips

    A perfect exercise for making your thigh fat go away would be doing leg raises. It works on your hip flexors and makes your core strong. They also help you work on your hip. It is an easy exercise that you can do anytime. Perform 2 sets of 20 reps every day. It will slowly also help you increase strength.

    5. Crunches For Upper Abs

    Often known as one of the most important exercises for losing belly fat, crunches have the power to give your whole body the strength it needs. It is a simple exercise that needs no equipment and can be done at home easily. Perform about 2 sets of 20 reps each day or more if you can. It will not just reduce your abdominal fat but also improve your posture and make your back strong.

    eliminate belly abdominal and thigh fat

    6. Plank for Abdominal Fat

    One of the best exercises you can do for eliminating abdominal, belly and thigh fat is planks. It will not miraculously melt fat of your belly if you do not accompany it with a proper diet though. You can do the traditional plank or amp up a little bit by doing the other more difficult versions that target the visceral fat on your belly like the side plank, or the upper push-up position plank. It is much difficult to do and it will strengthen your core muscles.

    7. Portion Your Meals

    To start with the habit of a clean diet, this can be a great step. You should portion your meals over the day. Have multiple small meals and not just one large meal for a longer duration. Use smaller plates, it makes the same serving of food look larger and tricks your brain into feeling full faster.

    8. Eat Healthy

    This little detail of eating healthy cannot be stressed enough. No amount of exercise can let you accomplish your goal of losing the belly fat, unless it is followed by a complementing diet. Make sure you know your macros and you follow a strict calorie count. Consume a lot of fibre, since it will make you feel full for a longer period of time. Have a lot of green vegetables and fruits. Eggs and meat can help you with your daily dose of protein. You can also consult a dietitian and get a tailor-made plan for you to lose a target weight.

    Remember that spot reducing the fat on your belly only is not possible. But to make your belly lose fat fast, do more of leg exercises. Follow these simple tips for toning your thighs and getting rid of your bulging belly fat.

    Start slowly and gradually intensify your workout, keep eating healthy and you will soon see inches off your waist. Let us know all about your fitness journey and we will be thrilled to hear back from all of you.

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    Story first published: Saturday, March 24, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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