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8 Fast Weight Loss Tips For Summer

Folks, it is summer time, which means it is that time of the year to bring out the chilled drinks and light clothing to try and beat the heat!

During summers, the heat can soar up giving high temperatures, especially in tropical countries like India, which makes many of us want to take a dip in a pool or go on beach vacations to stay cool.

Along with the heat, there could also be extreme humidity in some parts of the country, which makes the summers a very sweaty affair!

So, naturally, people would want to get into clothes which are shorter and lighter, and may even want to bring out their swimsuits or bikinis to cool off in the pools. However, many people could be conscious of the extra fat accumulated in their body, and this could prevent them from wearing clothes that are suitable for the summers.

Although it is important to be comfortable in your own skin, it is also a fact that being overweight or obese can also pose health risks, apart from lowering a person's self-confidence.

So, it is very important to make an effort to lose weight, not just to have a body which is "summer ready", but also to maintain good health.

Here are a few tips which can help you lose weight, this summer!

1. Soup It Up

Most of us would love to have a hot bowl of delicious soup, mostly during the winters, to keep ourselves warm. However, consuming vegetable soup or lean chicken soup for your meals, along with a small portion of healthy food, can prevent you from having larger portions of your meals and aid weight loss. The hot soups, which are rich in nutrients, can also boost your metabolic rate to further aid weight loss.

2. Try The Mediterranean Diet

If you want to lose weight quickly and flaunt your fit summer body, then it wouldn't harm to give the Mediterranean diet a try! This diet involves a lot of fresh vegetables, lean meat, olive oil-based food, chickpea hummus, etc., which makes it very balanced and low in fat! So, following the Mediterranean diet for a month can bring about a huge difference in your weight.

3. Avoid Fruit Juices

It is very natural to want to sip on cold, fruit juices during the summers, to keep yourself hydrated and also to beat the heat. However, most fruit juices are high in sugar content and may come in the way of your weight loss. So, instead of consuming fruit juices, you can consume whole fruit, water, tender coconut and other such healthy drinks, to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Cut Down On Alcohol

It is very common to want to sip on a chilled beer or an alcoholic cocktail during the hot summers, to ease away the heat and the stress, however, apart from its other health risks, alcohol can also slow down your metabolism and prevent weight loss. Alcohol is also high in caloric content, so it can only add to your weight, instead of helping you attain that summer bod!

5. Exercise Self-Control

A number of research studies have indicated that during the summers, as the body produces a lot of sweat due to the extreme temperatures, we lose a lot of energy and get hungry more often. So, this can make us crave for foods at odd times, making us over eat and gain more weight. So, it is important to plan your meals and stick to the plan by exercising some self-control.

6. Wear Summer Clothes

Start to wear your shorts, skirts and bikinis, even while you are still trying to lose weight and do not wait until you have lost weight. Research studies say that this habit can help a person be more motivated and inspired to lose weight, as the desire to wear the clothes that they want to, could drive them to stick to their weight loss regime!

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7. Do Not Skip Exercise

During summers, even fitness enthusiasts tend to feel like they want to avoid exercising because it can be very hard to exercise in the heat and humidity, so you can imagine how it can feel for someone who is just starting out! However, if you stop thinking about the heat and immerse yourself into your exercise routine, you will attain results in no time!

8. Snack On Salads

What could be better than relishing on a bowl of chilled veggies or fruit during the summers to beat the heat! This snack is not only healthy, but it can also quicken the weight loss process, as the antioxidants in the fruit and vegetables can boost your metabolic rate. So, when you get hunger pangs during the summers, go in for a bowl of salad!

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 17:10 [IST]
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