One Day Plan To Bounce Back After A Day Of Overeating

It's always easy to blame our indulgences on family festivities full of cheese plates, glazed meat and cookies. Sometimes even a small celebration can lead to one big food hangover the next day.

This is the exact reason on why we call upon nutritionist experts to put together a plan to fight bloat, curb cravings and get you back on track.

what to do after a binge to not gain weight

You can actually get yourself on track once again wherein you need to follow this incredible diet plan to bounce back within a day of overeating.

So, if you have been wondering on what to do after a binge to not gain weight, then this article is all that you need.

1. Between 6 AM and 7 AM:

You need to wake up and pour one glass of water for yourself. The idea of putting something else in your stomach is nauseating and of course impossible. Staring your day with water will keep you hydrated, stimulates the bowel movements and helps pass yesterday's gluttony from your system.

2. By Or Before 9 AM:

You should not skip your breakfast just because you overate yesterday. Only if you eat your breakfast will your metabolism be kick-started and you'll be on the right track to eat mentally well for the day.

3. Between 12 And 1 PM Lunch:

To keep your blood sugar stable and help control cravings and binging, you must eat every three-four hours once. Even if have had an over indulgence last night, you can go for a salad topped with lean protein and many vegetables that you like. You can go for small servings of carbs that helps any kind of sugar cravings.

4. Between 3 And 4 PM:

You might be hungry around this time. Do not ignore your growling stomach. You should not break your normal routine and munch on fruits or nuts for snack. Hence, this method will let you know what to do after a binge to not gain weight.

5. Around 5 Or 6 PM:

In order to optimize your weight loss goals, it is advised to exercise at this hour. You must also try and be active around throughout the day by taking short walks after lunch and taking the stairs.

6. Between 6 And 7 PM:

During this hour, you need to have dinner. You need to have something that is easy on your stomach, which is low cal, hydrating and fibrous in nature. Also, have a veggie soup for dinner. This is one of the best detox diet plans you need to follow after binge eating.

7. At Or After 9 PM:

It has been at least three hours after you had your last meal, you can now actually get to bed. Of course, you need to get rid of the phone before hitting the bed.

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    Story first published: Friday, September 15, 2017, 7:30 [IST]
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