2 Kitchen Ingredients To Reduce Tummy Bloating In A Day!

By Chandana Rao

Do you feel that no matter how much you diet or exercise, your tummy still has a swollen appearance? Do you feel a heavy or gassy sensation in your stomach, often?

If yes, then you could be suffering from a condition known as bloating, which is a symptom of certain kinds of digestive disorders.

Digestive health is extremely important for a person's well-being. If you have problems with your digestive system, then the food that you ingest may not get digested properly.

home remedies for bloating

As a result, you may start to suffer from fatigue, weakness, nutritional deficiency, anaemia, etc.

So, it is very important to treat even the most minor digestive ailments, such as bloating, in the early stages itself.

Stomach bloating is an undesirable symptom, which can be caused by various reasons.

This condition can be best described as a symptom when a person's abdominal region feels full and tight, with an uneasy sensation, often coupled by stomach pain and acidity.

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When a person is experiencing stomach bloating, his/her stomach may appear swollen and may feel very hard on the outside.

The most common causes for abdominal bloating are constipation, acidity or heartburn, weight gain, unhealthy eating habits, stomach upset, etc.

When the acid levels in your stomach increase, due to any of the above-mentioned reasons, it leads to the production of excess gas in the abdomen, causing bloating.

Abdominal bloating can make a person feel uneasy and also lead to symptoms like nausea, stomach pain, fatigue, etc. So, if you are constantly experiencing abdominal bloating, then it is best if you consult a professional to treat the condition better.

Here is a kitchen remedy for bloating that can be prepared right at home; have a look.

Ingredients Required:

  • Fresh Spinach Juice - ½ a glass
  • Cucumber Juice - ½ a glass

This natural remedy to get rid of stomach bloating within a day, works well when used in the right quantity. This remedy can also be taken on a regular basis, if you experience bloating often.

Along with this remedy, it is also important to maintain a healthy diet, with foods rich in fibre content. It is absolutely necessary to avoid processed foods which are high in fat and starch content, to avoid bloating.

It is also important to exercise on a daily basis, as exercise will help reduce the gas formation in the digestive system, thus providing relief from bloating.

The combination of spinach and cucumber juice is rich in antioxidants and fibre, both of which can neutralise the acid and gas production in the stomach to reduce bloating quickly. This mixture can also provide a soothing effect to your stomach and improve digestion.

Method Of Preparation:

  • Add the suggested amounts of ingredients in a glass.
  • Stir well to form a mixture.
  • Consume this mixture, in the morning, before breakfast, whenever you experience bloating.
  • You can also add ginger to this mixture.
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    Story first published: Thursday, August 17, 2017, 11:30 [IST]
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