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    5 Food Swaps You Need To Make To Lose Weight Without Dieting!

    By Needhi Gandhi

    We eat different kinds of tasty foods in our everyday life to fulfill the requirements of various nutrients in our body; some of us eat yummy foods to satisfy our food cravings.

    But many of these foods have rich fat content and high-calorie values, leading to obesity.

    So, these high-calorie foods need to be swapped with healthier and low-calorie food items, for effective weight loss in an overweight person.

    Even if you are not overweight, there is no harm in being healthy and in choosing healthy foods over the so called "fatty foods".

    food swaps to lose weight

    Because you are what you eat, eat healthy foods and your skin will glow from within, eat unhealthy and you will have a bloated tummy, pimples on the face, gastric issues, etc.

    However, lots of people do not have any idea about the healthy food swaps that can help in reducing their excessive body weight.

    So, here only a few useful food swaps are discussed that can be done easily while maintaining the food values and taste of the meals.


    1. Turn To Fish Meals:

    The non-vegetarians always love to include spicy meat cuisines in their daily meals. But most of the meats, mainly red meat contains high calories that can be harmful to general health. The beef ranks highest in calorie content and only one serving of broiled beef steak contains 230 calories and 14 g of fat.

    So, it is best to switch to fish and the inclusion of sea fish is considered to be very healthy due to many aspects. It is seen that one serving of broiled codfish contains only 80 calories and 1 g of fats, thus enabling to cut off 150 calories and 13 g of fats with this healthy swap.


    2. Choose Popcorn For Snacks:

    People love to munch on crispy snacks at their leisure times, mainly while watching their favourite TV shows or movies. Varieties of potato chips are the most common options of tasty snacks that are available from numerous brands in the market. But a one-ounce chips packet gives out 150 calories and 10 g of fat, which is highly unhealthy for people suffering from obesity.

    They need to swap for the healthy popcorn instead of chips, which has much lower calorie value. It is better to opt for the air-fried popcorn, as one cup of this popcorn contains only 31 calories and no fat at all. Thus, one can avoid up to 119 calories and 10 g of fats by this wise option of snacks swapping.


    3. Have Homemade Soda:

    The soft drinks generally means the canned drinks. But it has been proved now that these ready-made cold drinks contain high calories that fast lead to obesity. One small can of 12 ounce is found to contain 140 calories, due to the refined sugars.

    Moreover, these ready-made soda waters are very unhealthy for the diabetic patients. So, it is best to swap these cold drinks with homemade healthy drinks made of chilling water or ice cubes, lemon juice, fresh mint leaves and some calorie-free sugar if needed. Thus, it is possible to avoid 140 calories regularly, as this type of homemade drink hardly contains any calorie at all.


    4. Use Fruits For Desserts:

    The presence of a sweet dessert at the end of each meal is a must for many people. It is difficult for these sweet-lovers to give up this habit, even if they are gaining extra weight and need to avoid all the high-calorie sweets. Ice cream is the most commonly favoured dessert in most of the households, which can be replaced by a healthy dish made of fresh fruits.

    One cup of ice cream contains 500 calories and 16 g of fats, which needs to be swapped with fruit desserts that averagely contain 50-70 calories, thus eliminating more than 400 calories from the daily meal. These sweet and tasty homemade desserts are loved even by the kids.


    5. Abandon The Egg Yolk:

    Plenty of people love to have eggs for their breakfast and also there are many cuisines in which egg is an inevitable ingredient. But the egg yolk is found to contain 59 calories, while the white albumen has only 16 calories. So it is best to avoid this bright yellow-coloured yolk in all the egg-related recipes and instead use the white part of the egg, cutting off 59 calories and 5 g of fats from the daily diet.

    If anyone finds it tough to separate the yolk neatly from the white albumen, it is better to use an egg separator for accomplishing this job. However, you may occasionally have the whole egg which is known to be rich in proteins and other nutrients.

    All these above-mentioned food swaps can remarkably bring down the regular calorie intake of a person and lead to a swift weight loss process.

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    Story first published: Sunday, December 10, 2017, 11:30 [IST]
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