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Food Myths You Need To Stop Believing In As They Can Lead To Weight Gain

Believing in everything that you hear is not a viable option, especially when your health is at stake.

When it comes to watching your weight, it can get us into some serious trouble. You might hear tips or tricks from your nutritionist, friend or many other sources.

But trusting them blindly is something you need to stop doing right now, as some food myths can put you onto a weight gain track.

food myths that can lead to weight gain

You might be one of those who is overwhelmed by daily decisions like what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat as well as how much physical activity you need to do to be healthy.

With so many choices and decisions around you, it can be pretty hard for you to zero on to a good decision. Trust me, you're not alone in this dilemma.

Dieting mistakes which leads to weight gain | इन गलतियों से नहीं दूर होगा मोटापा, ध्यान दें |Boldsky

There are certain food myths that you need to stop believing in, as some of them can only lead to weight gain, the opposite of what you'd desired for.

In this article, we have listed some of the top food myths that can lead to weight gain. Read further to know what are the food myths that you need to stop believing in right now.

1. You Throw Out The Yolk:

Opting only for egg whites is actually a food myth. The yolk is what contains healthy fatty acids and micronutrients like immune-boosting selenium and B vitamins. Yolk is full of dietary cholesterol that helps with weight loss as well. It's time you started saying yes to egg yolk. This is one of the myths about food that can cause weight gain.

2. You Pack On Protein:

Excessive amount of protein is actually not going to boost your muscle mass, but will be stored as fat. Your body can only handle 30 grams of protein in one setting.

3. You Only Drink Water:

Water is definitely the best for hydration. But this doesn't mean you must say no to green tea. Green tea is a metabolism-boosting beverage and it also helps you cut back on sugar and sweet cravings. This is also one of the food myths that can cause weight gain.

4. You Don't Eat At Night:

Going to sleep hungry can lower your blood sugar levels and can lead to a restless night. This can lead to carb cravings the next day. Eating the right snack before bed will keep the blood sugars stable and the fat-burning hormone glucagon can then do its job. This is one of the food myths that can lead to weight gain.

5. You Choose Sea Salt:

Someone somewhere said that sea salt is a healthier option. But you need to think over this twice. The normal salt is fortified with iodine which is essential for the thyroid gland to function properly. Otherwise, it will become inactive and lead to weight gain.

6. You Count Calories:

Counting calories can actually become counter-productive if you're not taking into account the fat, sodium, carb and sugar levels in each bite that you take.

This is because some foods are known to boost your metabolism, while others can spike your blood sugar levels and can slow down your digestion.

7. You Go Low On Fat:

Forgoing all fats is not the right thing to do. Of course, trans and saturated fats need to be avoided, as they can lead to increased risk of heart disease. But there are healthy fats that you must not avoid. Studies have also found that people who ate dairy product that was high in fat were less likely to have suffered from diabetes.

8. You Swap Sugar With A Sweetener:

Going for diet soda just because it does not contain any sugar is not going to help you in anyway. Research has also suggested that having artificial sweeteners will make you consume more calories with each meal. This is one of the food myths you need to stop believing in right now.

9. You Don't Eat Before Exercise:

No food means no fuel for your body. This can make you feel lightheaded. Further, you might cancel out your gym time by eating in excess post the workout session.

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