Diet Mistakes That Are Surprisingly Making You Fat

By: Rima Chowdhury

We all want tips and tricks that are fast, easy and do not involve much effort when it comes to losing weight. We are constantly looking out for those tips that can help us to lose extra pounds in a painless way.

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If you are trying to loose weight but still aren't able to, check out some diet tips that are surprisingly making you fat.


1. Skipping Meals:

Skipping meals is one of the biggest mistakes that every one of us makes. Everyone of us assumes that skipping meals can make one slim and lose weight easily but surprisingly, skipping meals can make you grow fat. When a person skips meals, he tends to end up eating double the food after a few hours. Going without food for long hours can put you in the danger zone of being very hungry, thus making unhealthy or unplanned choices of food.


2. Diet Soda And Aerated Drinks:

Cutting down on diet soda is a smart move. According to studies, it is said that drinking soda or aerated drinks is particularly linked with belly fats and obesity. The artificial sweetener is harmful for the body and the sugar in the aerated drinks triggers the blood sugar level and also causes weight gain.


3. Juices:

Drinking juice is believed to be one of the best practices during dieting but juices do not suppress hunger, and hence people end up consuming more calories and food in the long run. Fruits are a high source of vitamin C, so instead of drinking juices, it is always good to consume fruits as it will keep your stomach full for a long period of time.


4. Consuming Fat-free Food:

Most of the manufacturers add a lot of sugar in fat-free foods to enhance their taste. While consuming fat-free food, you may cut down on fats but it provides the equal amount of sugar that you usually get from sugary products. In a recent study, it is said that people who ate low or non-fat dairy actually ate more carbs throughout the day than people who followed the whole-fat dairy routine.

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5. Consuming Inadequate Breakfast:

Generally, in the morning hours, you don't have time to have breakfast and hence you decide to eat one fruit or skip breakfast. By cutting the calories in the morning, it generally means that you will end up consuming more food throughout the day, epecially the wrong types of food that will end up increasing your weight. So, it is always good to consume a healthy breakfast and then leave for office.


6. Eating Smaller Meals:

Many of us believe eating smaller meals can help to lose weight but this is a myth. Recent studies and researchers have found that mini meals lack sufficient calories to trigger feelings of fullness and may end up boosting your appetite. It also boosts your desire to eat thus leading to fat accumulation and obesity problems.

You should consume three main and heavy meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and then consume two or three small meals in between. However, you should make sure that you consume light food items like an apple or a glass of juice in between heavy meals.

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Story first published: Sunday, February 12, 2017, 20:30 [IST]
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