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Do These After Eating Cholesterol-rich Foods To Prevent Weight Gain

By Lekhaka

It is the festive season. There are parties everywhere. We either have friends coming over or invitations to other house parties.

The festive season in our country is usually dominated by calorie-rich foods like sweets or deep-fried items.

Though we may make an effort to avoid these foods during the rest of the year, we just cannot do so during the festive season.

Refusing to eat their special festive preparations may offend the hostess or your family. But, at the same time, managing our health is also important.

Festival food is usually rich in cholesterol. It is a fat which is produced by the liver. It has many functions in our body and is not completely useless. It acts as a lubricant.

It is harmful only if there is excess of it in the body. Excess cholesterol finds its home in the arteries of the heart, blocking it and causing heart failures.

Many processed foods nowadays are loaded with cholesterol. That is why it is important to watch what you eat. But, the festive season can serve as a bump on your way to healthy eating.

There are a few instances where you just cannot say a NO to the high-calorie, artery bursting foods served to you. What do you do in such cases? Be gracious enough and accept the offering or refuse and come across as a rude and insensitive person?

Do not worry...We will come to your rescue...

Although we cannot completely null the effects of the cholesterol-rich oily food that you consume, there are certain things that you can do to reduce the effect of these foods.

Here are a few things you should do after consuming cholesterol-rich foods. Take a look.


Drink Lukewarm Water:

Drinking lukewarm water will help ease the movement of oily food out of the body. Lesser time in our body is equal to lesser damage done. It also eventually helps keep our liver, stomach and intestines healthy.

Avoid Eating Cold Things Like Ice Cream:

Eating ice creams will solidify the oil in the food, making it difficult for our body to throw it out. Hence, avoid eating cold desserts after eating oily food, if you want to reduce its effects.

Do Not Go To Bed Immediately:

It is always better to eat two-three hours before bedtime. It will ensure that the body does not store the fat. Also, oily food tends to be heavy. Sleeping immediately will reduce the quality of sleep and you will end up being sluggish the next day.

Do Light Exercises:

After eating oily food, make sure to go for a walk or do some light exercises to burn off the extra calories. Otherwise, the body will simply store the extra energy as fat. Walking will also keep the digestive system working up to digest the oil.

Try Ayurvedic Remedies:

Ingredients such as honey and pepper powder help in fastening the digestion of oily food. Honey is excellent in reversing the effects of oily food, whereas pepper stimulates the liver into metabolising the oil in the food. A teaspoon of honey along with a pinch of pepper powder is effective in digesting oily food.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 16:00 [IST]
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