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Cardiologist-recommended Diet To Lose Weight & For Heart Health

Diet is undoubtedly an important part of our life. For those who are overweight, obese, etc., several health problems like diabetes, gallbladder stones, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea as well as a wide range of cancers can be noted.

Having a healthy weight lowers your risk of developing these diseases tremendously. In this article, we have given out a cardiologist-recommended diet for weight loss.

It is also considered to be one of the best diet methods for weight loss and promoting heart health. The primary source of protein in this diet is an egg.

best diet for weight loss and heart health

It is also recommended to go for organic vegetables and fruits when on this diet.

This diet followed by thirty minutes of regular exercise will help you lose a good amount of pounds in no time.

This diet is known to be a very simple one. You can also amp up your antioxidants by this diet with the help of blueberries and blackberries.

It is recommended that you have a protein and fibre-rich breakfast and never skip on one while following this diet. You could decide on the breakfast menu yourself; however, make sure you keep yourself active throughout the day.

So, read further to know more about this cardiologist-recommended diet, which aids weight loss and also promotes heart health.

Day 1:

For lunch, you can have 1 orange, a cup of yogurt and 1 egg.

For dinner, you can have 2 boiled eggs, 2 pieces of toast, ½ a cucumber or a small bowl of lettuce and two tomatoes.

Day 2:

For lunch, follow the same menu as Day 1.

For dinner, go for a piece of toast, 125 grams of red meat, a cup of tea or coffee with no sugar and 1 orange.

Day 3:

For lunch, go for 1 cucumber, 1 orange and 1 boiled egg.

For dinner, you could go for 125 grams of cooled red meat, 1 orange, a piece of toast, a cup of tea or coffee with no sugar.

Day 4:

For lunch, go for a piece of toast, 1 orange, 125 grams of cottage cheese.

For dinner, go for the same menu as that of Day 3.

Day 5:

For lunch, go for a piece of toast, 200 grams of cooked meat or fish and 1 tomato.

For dinner, go for ½ a pound of cooked carrots, potatoes and peas.

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