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7 Golden Rules To Get Fit Successfully!

If you are someone who has a busy lifestyle and do not find any time for exercise, then you must somehow dedicate at least 30 minutes in a day for your fitness needs.

Most of us are already well aware of the fact that fitness is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, and what better way to start a new year than trying to be fitter, right?

If you want to stay healthy for a longer time and avoid developing diseases, then follow a healthy diet and exercise regime is the most important factor.

It has been proven by numerous scientific studies that a healthy diet and regular exercise can prevent many dangerous diseases, including, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer!

To be successful in your studies, you must study hard every day. Similarly, to become successful at your job, you must work hard and prove your potential.

Even when it comes to fitness, to become successful and attain your fitness goals - be it weight loss, body toning or muscle gaining - one needs to work hard.

So, here are a few rules that must be followed to attain fitness success.


Rule #1

Before starting a fitness regime, speak to your doctor, so that he/she can advice you on the kind of fitness routine that will suit you best, depending on your medical history.


Rule #2

Initially, you can workout under the guidance of a certified fitness trainer, so that you can get the exercises right, thus avoiding injury.


Rule #3

Do not start any fitness routine without a specific goal in mind. Without a fitness goal, it could be hard for you to stick to the routine.


Rule #4

If you are a beginner, the start with the basics and do not over exert yourself, as this habit may de-motivate you or lead to injuries.


Rule #5

Initially you can experiment with different types of workouts like the gym, zumba, dance, yoga, etc., and see what works best for you.


Rule #6

Look at exercise as a healthy lifestyle change and not as a hobby, because, if you consider at as a hobby, you may only exercise occasionally!


Rule #7

Finally, do not expect instant results. Patience is key when you are aiming to reach your fitness goals. Do not get de-motivated when you don't see quick results.

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Story first published: Friday, April 21, 2017, 14:00 [IST]
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