10 Incredible Benefits Of Exercising Before Breakfast

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It's a cold chilly wintry morning and no one would like to get out of the bed early in the morning. But when it comes to your health, a little bit of compromise is a must.

Getting up half an hour early than your regular timings and exercising before you hit your breakfast table can do wonders.

Several studies have found out that exercising before breakfast can help prevent a lot of health problems and also for those wishing to lose weight, exercising before breakfast has been beneficial.

benefits of exercise before breakfast

So, what are the kind of exercises that one could take up before breakfast then? One should always make it a point to do some light exercises and not strain themselves too much.

Walking, jogging, cycling, a bit of cardio exercise and running on the treadmill are a few of the best exercises that one can do before breakfast.

Also, many of you might have a doubt as to whether exercising on an empty stomach is good or bad?

Drinking a glass of warm water and eating a handful of soaked almonds before you start your exercise can be one of the best options. However, exercising on an empty stomach does not cause any harm.

So, today in this article we have listed out 10 of the major health benefits of exercising before breakfast. Take a look.


1. Boosts Energy:

As you sleep at night, the energy is used during the body metabolism. Light exercises in the morning before your breakfast, even if it is for about 30 minutes, helps charge your body and boosts the energy level. Also, having a healthy breakfast following your exercise should be a must.


2. Helps Lose Weight:

Exercising on an empty stomach helps to burn more fat. Hence, exercising before your breakfast is one of the best options to lose weight. One needs to see to it that the calories burnt should be more than the calorie consumed.


3. Helps Build Muscles:

When you take up exercise before your breakfast, the empty stomach can trigger hormonal changes that help to burn more fat and aid in building up of the muscles. After the exercise, having a healthy breakfast, with a good protein content proves to be helpful.


4. Helps Control Diabetes:

Diabetes is one of the serious health issues which is on the rise. When you take up exercise early in the morning before your breakfast, it helps to protect against glucose intolerance and insulin resistance. This can be helpful, especially in preventing type 2 diabetes.


5. Helps Control Blood Pressure:

Brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming, treadmill or even aerobics are a few of the best exercises that one can do before the breakfast. Doing this helps in regulating the blood flow, controls the blood pressure level and prevents high blood pressure.


6. Enhances Better Sleep:

This might come as a surprise but yes exercising early in the morning before breakfast helps enhance better sleep. It helps in adjusting your circadian rhythms, giving you the needed energy throughout the day and helps you to sleep better at night.


7. Good For The Heart:

Workout and exercise before breakfast not just energizes you but it also ensures a good blood flow. Meanwhile, it also reduces a person's addiction on sugar or caffeine, which are considered to be bad for heart health. Regular exercise before breakfast is thus good for the heart.


8. Good For Mental Health:

Starting your day with some good exercise helps in enhancing your brain and memory power. It also helps ensure a good blood flow to the brain, thus reducing the risk of dementia.


9. Reduces Stress:

When you start your day with exercise, it provides a calming effect on your nervous system and thus helps in reducing your stress level. The effect will last all through the day.


10. Boosts Immunity:

Jogging, walking or going in for lighter exercise at the gym early in the morning helps in giving a boost to your immune system. These exercises can improve the efficacy of your antibodies and help to build up your immunity level and prevent any kind of infections.

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    Story first published: Friday, December 22, 2017, 8:00 [IST]
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