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15 Best Workouts & Eating Habits Of Daisy Ridley For Her Role In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

By Neha

Have you just watched the trailer of Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie and simply loved the shapely figure of the actress? If yes, then you must be intrigued to know about the leading actress Daisy Ridley's strict diet and fitness routine.

Daisy Ridley trained hard for the space opera film by doing challenging workouts and avoided carbohydrates and only included fish, legumes and spirulina shakes to get into shape.

The actress's exercise schedule included workouts spanning five days a week and five hours a day. To achieve that athletic look, she focused on various kinds of training, which were a combination of resistance training, plyometric cardio and fighting.

She was into the exact nutrition and training plan, which she got through by professionalism and dedication. She mainly focused on weight training and she worked out for an hour and then had to do stunts for five hours straight.

Her athletic body is a result of focused workout and dieting. So, read on to know more about the diet plan and workout regimen of Daisy Ridley.


1. Plyometric Cardio

Plyometrics is all about getting off the ground and it is the best form of exercise to develop functional fitness, lean structure and shedding of body fat. It is an efficient way to increase muscular endurance and power.


2. Lateral Jumps

Lateral jumps are those kinds of exercises that add a lateral movement to the jump. It improves your strength, betters your agility and improves your coordination. It is a challenging exercise that will tone your sides for an all-round lean body.


3. Box Jumps

Box jumping requires the use of boxes and increases the strength and muscle tone, builds both the upper body and lower body strength. The box jump exercise forces you to jump high enough, so that you are forced to use every single muscle in your legs to get you up onto the box.


4. Power Jumps

To improve muscular power, strength and speed, power jumps are one of the ideal exercises. The power jump exercise helps facilitate weight loss and also helps in toning and defining your muscles.


5. Jump Squats

Do you want well-shaped legs, hips and thighs? Then, jump squats is the right one for you. Jump squat exercise helps the calves and quads while helping you to tone your body as well. The exercise also helps in burning calories, improves balance and builds the muscles in the body.


6. Kick-boxing

Kick-boxing is a combined martial arts technique with heart-pumping cardio. Undertaking kick-boxing workout atleast once per week can help you feel re-energized and will get you back in shape. The exercise has some benefits too, which include reducing stress, boosting confidence, burning calories, etc.


7. Resistance Training

Resistance training also called weight training or strength training is the use of resistance bands to build the strength and anaerobic endurance. It increases the muscle strength, improves bone and joint function and keeps the heart and lungs healthy.


8. Squats

Squats is another effective exercise that helps to build your leg muscles and also creates an anabolic environment, which promotes body-wise muscle building. Squats also help in improving your lower and upper body strength.


9. Deadlifts

The deadlift is a quintessential weightlifting exercise that strengthens all the major muscle groups. This kind of weight training increases fat burning, better posture, strengthens the back muscles, builds grip strength, and promotes tissue healing.


10. Overhead Press Lunges

Overhead press lunges work up the entire body and involve nearly every muscle group. The exercise involves holding the weight overhead, which builds the upper and lower body strength, increases power and improves core strength.


11. Roll-up Workout

Roll-ups work the best for your abdominal muscles and is a great core workout. The benefits of pull-ups promote deep breathing, which increases blood flow and circulation. It also helps to strengthen your spine, increasing its flexibility and alignment.

The young and beautiful actress also had to make sure that she was on a right nutritional diet apart from working out. Her lean, muscular physique required a protein-based paleo-type diet with very low carbs but plenty of fibre, which included,


1. Eating Meals Frequently

Eating five times a day in smaller portions allows a constant flow of nutrients to fuel your workouts and lets you stay away from sugar cravings.


2. Light Dinner

Having a light dinner at night is a perfect way to end the day, as the metabolism becomes sluggish during the night. There are other advantages of having a light dinner, including blood sugar control, promoting good sleep and the one that doesn't overload the digestive system.


3. Eating Lean Protein

A lean protein diet filled with fruits, vegetables and healthy fats help in keeping your weight under control. Lean protein like tuna, chicken breast, non-fat mozzarella cheese, tofu, yoghurt and milk are some of the foods that can be included in the diet.


4. Hydration

Drinking water before your meals fills up your stomach and makes you feel full and, as a result, you will end up eating much less as compared to eating on an empty stomach.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 18:16 [IST]
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