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Why You Should Never Overeat?

By: Ajanta Sen
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Among the three basic needs of the human beings, food is probably the most important one that supplies the body with the required nutrients. To meet the required supply of these nutrients, human beings usually eat quite a few times in a day.

Intake of food varies from a person to person and from one place to the other place. These things largely depend on age, sex and the body conditions. Eating is good; however, overeating can be heavily harmful for anyone.

Eating habits play a major role in maintaining healthy body conditions. If you look at the present diseases that humans have been suffering from these days, you may find obesity as the gravest one.

Obesity can be a dangerous disease that can leave some serious consequences on the body. The only way to get rid of these consequences of obesity and its after effects is to stop overeating.

The term 'overeating' stands for excessive eating even when the body does not need any intake of food. People, who are engaged in sitting jobs and sedentary lifestyles, are the worst that are affected by overeating.

If you are suffering from the harmful consequences of overeating, you should take immediate measures to curb the situation. You need to know and follow the ways to stop overeating. Some of the most trusted ways of how you can stop overeating are as follows:


Drink More Water:

This is an effective way to stop overeating. By drinking more water, you can get rid of your appetite. As a result, you will tend to eat lesser than what you need.


Eat Slowly:

Eat slowly, so that you can chew the food properly. Here, you can realise what you are eating and how much. The outcome of this has been quite positive for many people.


Eat When You Feel Hungry:

Do not live to eat. You should eat only when you feel hungry. This can help you get an empty space inside your belly that can help in digesting the food.


Take Small Intakes Between The Meals:

This is an effective way to feel less hungry and to beat those hunger pangs. As a result of this you tend to eat less. This is one of the most effective ways of how you can stop overeating.


Concentrate On Your Food When You Eat:

Many people do not pay attention to their food while they eat. This often results in more food than the quantity they actually require. Instead, you should concentrate on the food and not on what is happening around you.


Maintain Gaps Between Your Meals:

As per the suggested meals of a day, you should maintain a gap of 5 to 6 hours between two meals. Take fruits in between the meals, if you feel hungry.


Fix A Healthy Eating Schedule:

A fixed eating schedule can distract your attention from overeating. You should get one schedule by yourself and follow it willingly, and not because someone else has suggested it to you.


Check With A Doctor:

Treating the situation psychologically can yield you positive results. Take advice from a dietitian and fix a diet chart. Follow this strictly.


Distract Your Attention:

Involve yourself in someother activity to distract your attention from food. As a result, you will tend to eat less in the end.


Breathe Deeply:

Breathe deeply, whenever you feel hungry, keeping your eyes closed. Repeat this for five times in a day and then drink a glass of water.

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Story first published: Monday, January 11, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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