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You Can Prevent Weight Gain As You Age. Here Is How!

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Gaining weight as they age is one common phenomena which is a cause of concern for many people after they reach a certain age - post 45 years to be specific. One needs to be extra cautious about the foods that one eats, as this is one of the major contributors to gaining weight at this age.

Many people do not take care thinking that they are healthy and that weight gain is just natural. But if you are looking out for a way to prevent weight gain as you get older, there are certain natural and safe ways to do it.

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As one starts ageing, the metabolism rate slows down and this in turn slows down the rate at which the calories are burnt. This is one of the major reasons why people put on weight as they tend to age.

Also, as one grows older the physical activity rate slows down, but the intake of calories remains the same. When these calories fail to get burnt it leads to an increase in one's weight.

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Weight gain as one grows old needs to be checked as this can lead to severe other health issues like hypertension or cardiovascular diseases.

Here are a few tips to prevent weight gain as one grows old. Take a look.


1. Cut Down On Calorie Intake:

It is essential to cut down on foods that contain high calories. As one starts ageing it gets difficult to burn the calories stored in the body due to decreased level of physical activities.


2. Bit Of Cardiovascular Exercise:

As one tends to grow older it is important to include slight cardiovascular exercise that helps in pumping the heart and burning the calories.


3. Increase Intake Of Vegetables:

Rich in nutrients, water and fibre, vegetables, especially the green leafy ones help in preventing weight gain among those who are ageing.


4. Opt For Lean Protein Food:

Since protein is required by the body, it is good to have lean protein like seafood, egg white and also red meat.


5. Opt For Low-fat Dairy Products:

One of the most important sources of calcium are dairy products. However, to prevent weight gain as you age it is essential to include low-fat milk or other dairy products in your diet.


6. Whole Grains:

Rich in fibre and a whole lot of nutrients, whole grains need to be a part of the meal everyday. This will help burn the calories and prevent one from gaining weight.


7. Fruits:

Fruits if consumed in whole form is very helpful to curb weight gain. Rich in fibre and other nutrients, fruits need to be a must have for those who are ageing.


8. Drink Plenty Of Water:

Drinking water not just helps in hydrating the body but it also helps in burning the fat thus preventing excess weight gain.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 27, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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